Commits on Jan 10, 2019
  1. AO3-5533 & AO3-5544 Don't use after_commit for update_anon_unrevealed. (

    tickinginstant authored and sarken committed Jan 10, 2019
    * AO3-5533 & AO3-5544 Don't use after_commit.
    Using after_commit for the anonymous/unrevealed updates means that any
    changes to the CollectionItem that were just written to the database
    might not be available to read. So after_save/after_destroy is
    preferred, but requires a number of other changes to ensure the correct
    * AO3-5206 Test for collection juggling.
    * AO3-5533 & AO3-5544 Tests: no message content.
Commits on Jan 5, 2019
  1. AO3-5584 Make removal come last. (#3500)

    tickinginstant authored and redsummernight committed Jan 5, 2019
Commits on Dec 31, 2018
  1. AO3-4310 Translate invite request decline email (#3245)

    cesy authored and zz9pzza committed Dec 31, 2018
    * AO3-4310 Test for invite request decline email
    * Making Hound happy
    * AO3-4310 review comments
  2. AO3-1305 Fix word count in work preview (#3349)

    hatal175 authored and zz9pzza committed Dec 31, 2018
  3. AO3-5584 CollectionItemsController permissions. (#3486)

    tickinginstant authored and zz9pzza committed Dec 31, 2018
    * AO3-5584 CollectionItemsController permissions.
    * AO3-5584 Improve style for Hound.
    * AO3-5584 Split update_multiple.
    * AO3-5584 Try to reduce complexity.
    * AO3-5584 Switch to where for fewer DB queries.
    * AO3-5584 Use CollectionItem::REJECTED (suggested by redsummernight)
  4. AO3-5580 Fix nil error in SerialWork callback. (#3483)

    tickinginstant authored and zz9pzza committed Dec 31, 2018
  5. AO3-5494: Rescue search errors and respond with error message (#3396)

    elzj authored and zz9pzza committed Dec 31, 2018
Commits on Dec 29, 2018
  1. AO3-5579 Update bullet to 5.9.0 (#3499)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Dec 29, 2018
    The gem bullet needs to be >= 5.7.3 to be compatible with
    Active Record 5.1.5 or later.
Commits on Dec 28, 2018
  1. AO3-5579 Update Rails from 5.1.3 to (#3481)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Dec 28, 2018
    * [Security] Bump rails from 5.1.3 to
    Bumps [rails]( from 5.1.3 to **This update includes security fixes.**
    - [Release notes](
    - [Commits](rails/rails@v5.1.3...v5.1.6.1)
    Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <>
    * AO3-5579 Update capybara to 2.16.1
    Since we bumped rack-test to 1.1.0, we need capybara 2.16.1 which
    is compatible with rack-test 0.7.1 and later.
  2. AO3-5313 Set Auth Error page title correctly (#3350)

    hatal175 authored and sarken committed Dec 28, 2018
    * AO3-5313 Set Auth Error page title correctly
    * AO3-5313 use page_subtitle instead of page_title
  3. AO3-5438 fix typo in prompter_notification.html.erb that added extra …

    alackles authored and sarken committed Dec 28, 2018
    …%> to email (#3451)
Commits on Dec 27, 2018
  1. AO3-5589 Add password_check to unsanitized fields (#3498)

    sarken authored and redsummernight committed Dec 27, 2018
  2. AO3-5590 Fix comment on login lookup (#3497)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Dec 27, 2018
    [skip ci]
  3. AO3-5590 Fix performance regression in case-insensitive username look…

    zz9pzza authored and sarken committed Dec 27, 2018
    …ups (#3496)
    * Fix performance regression
    * Fix comment
  4. AO3-5589 Fix certain passwords (#3495)

    sarken authored and zz9pzza committed Dec 27, 2018
    * AO3-5589 Don't sanitize password and password confirmation field because they're encrypted and it breaks brackets
    * AO3-5589 Make fields that don't get sanitization configurable
    * AO3-5589 Remove unnecessary conversion to string
Commits on Dec 25, 2018
  1. AO3-5576 Remove outdated footnote on change email page (#3494)

    sarken authored and redsummernight committed Dec 25, 2018
  2. AO3-5587 Add unique index to user emails (#3493)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Dec 25, 2018
Commits on Dec 24, 2018
  1. AO3-5588 ao3-app04 returning to the fold (#3492)

    zz9pzza authored and sarken committed Dec 24, 2018
  2. AO3-2839 AO3-5576 Update login forms, password reset emails, and pass…

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Dec 24, 2018
    …word change notice (#3491)
    * AO3-2839 Fix I18n typo in EmailFormatValidator
    * AO3-5576 Style link in reset password instructions HTML email
    * AO3-5576 Update reset password instructions email subject
    * AO3-2839 Update notice after users change password
    Mention that users are logged out. This is different from changing
    passwords using a reset ("Forgot password?").
    * AO3-2839 Update login forms to use "User name or email:"
    * AO3-5576 Update tests to remove mentions of temporary passwords
Commits on Dec 22, 2018
  1. AO3-2839 Add unique index to Devise token columns (#3490)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Dec 22, 2018
    * AO3-2839 Add unique index to reset_password_token and unlock_token
    * AO3-2839 Add unique index to confirmation_token
  2. AO3-5576 Use Devise::Recoverable. (#3489)

    tickinginstant authored and sarken committed Dec 22, 2018
    * AO3-5576 Use Recoverable to handle lost passwords.
    * AO3-5576 Test fixes.
    * AO3-5576 Email links don't use a different host.
    Email links in the tests used to use a different host, which resulted in
    sessions being "lost" because the user was visiting a different path
    (and therefore had their cookies stored elsewhere). Now it's all the
    same host, so the test can be slightly simplified.
    * AO3-5576 Remove unreachable form on wrong password.
    * AO3-5576 ArchiveConfig for reset_password_within.
    * AO3-5576 Remove recently_reset.
Commits on Dec 20, 2018
  1. AO3-5586 Add unicorn server ao3-app12 (#3488)

    zz9pzza authored and redsummernight committed Dec 20, 2018
Commits on Dec 17, 2018
  1. AO3-2839 Update selectors for alert flash messages (#3487)

    sarken authored and redsummernight committed Dec 17, 2018
Commits on Dec 16, 2018
  1. AO3-2839 Keep invitation token when sign-up form is submitted (#3485)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Dec 16, 2018
    * AO3-2839 Keep invitation token when sign-up form errors
    * AO3-2839 Keep invitation token when sign-up form succeeds
    * AO3-2839 Avoid loading invitation one more time on save
Commits on Dec 12, 2018
  1. AO3-2839 Make full-page caching logged-in cookies permanent (#3484)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Dec 12, 2018
    So users don't get redirected to /lost_cookie when they close
    and reopen browsers, which clears session cookies.
Commits on Dec 8, 2018
  1. AO3-2839 Handle lost cookies for users (#3482)

    sarken committed Dec 8, 2018
    * Revert "AO3-2839 Try to avoid page caching when logged in. (#3480)"
    This reverts commit 87f62a2.
    * AO3-2839 Uncomment logout_if_not_user_credentials
    * Log out if user_credentials is not present
    * Revert "Revert "AO3-2839 Try to avoid page caching when logged in. (#3480)""
    This reverts commit 1ee84d0.
    * Fix the god damn spacing my new text editor adds
    * Add the end that ran off in the revert conflict resolution
    * Reorder callbacks
    * Make the controller check for sessions not users/sessions
    * AO3-2839 Use after_action for ensuring credentials.
Commits on Dec 1, 2018
  1. AO3-2839 Try to avoid page caching when logged in. (#3480)

    tickinginstant authored and redsummernight committed Dec 1, 2018
  2. AO3-2839 Use separate migration for failed_attempts default (#3479)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Dec 1, 2018
Commits on Nov 30, 2018
  1. AO3-2839 Fix Devise settings, remove unused code in users_controller (#…

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Nov 30, 2018
    * AO3-2839 Remove unused filters and routes in users_controller
    users#new and users#create have been moved to registrations_controller,
    along with the filter check_account_creation_status.
    * AO3-2839 Allow reset password token to remain valid for 48 hours
    * AO3-2839 Fix the rememberable period configuration
    Should be 3 months instead of 2 weeks.
Commits on Nov 29, 2018
  1. AO3-2839 Devise front end fixes (#3476)

    sarken authored and redsummernight committed Nov 29, 2018
    * AO3-2839 Fix LiveValidation on registration form
    * AO3-2839 Make alert text red
    * AO3-2839 Fix login confirmation message
    * AO3-2839 Update test for session length warning
Commits on Nov 27, 2018
  1. AO3-2839 Migration to Devise (#3378)

    elzj authored and sarken committed Nov 27, 2018
    * AO3-4815 Update Elasticsearch and filter interface (#3104)
    * Upgrades faraday (ran bundle update elasticsearch)
    * Adds elasticsearch-model to directly replace tire model
    Uses rollout to indicate which module to include in the searchable modules
    * Allows application to connect to two ES instances
    * Switches version of ES in use by Indexer and Query depending on rollout feature
    * Fixes feature failure in importing
    The image is rendered with https://, not http://
    * Adds awesome_print gem, to make inspecting json easier
    * Adds class to recreate indices in upgraded ES instance & reindex from remote
    * Removes elasticsearch-model
    * Removes rollout code from models
    * WIP - Making app compatible with ES 5.5
    * WIP - Pulls in elasticsearch overhaul code
    Starting to debug elasticsearch overhaul code, both in its incompatibilities
    with current ES and its underlying bugs.
    * Gets search/works_anonymous feature specs to pass with new ES code
    * Gets search/works_tags features to pass with new es code
    * Fixes search/works_info spec failures
    * Fixes test failures in search/work_stats
    * Updates ES version read by Travis
    * Updates ES instance to point to the url Travis will recognize
    * Fixes some failing feature specs for search
    * Fixes admins/admin_works specs
    * Fixes bookmark_create and collection_dashboard feature specs
    * Fixes importing/archivist feature specs
    * Fixes other_a/orphan_work feature specs
    Still using Tire, and reindexing with both Tire and elasticsearch will not break
    anything and will be useful when running the test suite twice against the two
    different ES versions
    * Fixes all other other_a feature failures
    * Fixes works_anonymous feature failures
    * Fixes tag_wrangling_relationships feature failures
    * Fixes users feature failures
    * Fixes works feature failures
    * Adds the new ES indexing code wherever Tire is use in test setup
    * Fixes works default rails actions spec failures
    * Fixes elasticsearch_upgrade_spec failures and refactors ES refresh code
    * Fixes work query spec
    * Adds some minor refactoring to tests
    * Adds bookmark indexing/query code & fixes associated tests
    * Updates BookmarkSearch references to BookmarkSearchForm
    * Fixes bookmark_create feature failures
    * Fixes admin/admin_works feature failures
    * Fixes bookmarks feature spec failures
    * Fixes collections feature specs
    * Fixes other_a and search failures
    * Fixes users feature specs
    * Removes refrences to tire from tests and specs for now
    * Fixes search steps problem when reindexing models with any? false
    * Fixes reindexing models without any records in specs
    * Removes outdated use of WorkSearch model in works controller
    * Fixes typo
    * Fixes failing specs caused by fixes to failing features
    * Fixes bugs in bookmark query
    * Some feature failure cleanup
    * Adds code for Tag search using updated ES
    * Adds pseud search code
    * Small test fixes
    * Fixes some failing tests, and attempts to address Travis issues
    * Adds fixes for Travis failures that are repeatable locally
    * Fixes problem where bookmarks without works can't be searched for
    * Reindexes indexes everywhere they are updated in the features directory
    This should remove inconsistent, nearly-unrepeatable errors caused by the fact
    that Elasticsearch is asynchronous. Yay!
    * Fixes bookmark query spec failure
    * Refactors some of the index updating logic in features
    * Fixes default rails actions for works spec
    * Isolates Tire reindexing to one file in features
    * Fixes tags and wrangling test failures
    * Distinguishes ES versions in specs
    * Fixes some typos
    * Updates to catch old ES version no matter the environment
    * Attempting a run with old ES version
    * Fixes Tire import
    * Fixes spec helper method
    * Separates ES wrappers based on ES version in controllers
    * Fixes use of new ES code in helpers for use_old_search?
    * Fixes old ES code usage in bookmarks controller
    * Fixes search using old ES for bookmarks
    * Removes tests that were catching a bug that is no longer a problem
    * Fixes works failures for old es version
    * Fixes features failing on Travis
    * Fixes spec failures for old ES version
    * Sets Travis to dl new version of ES to see how build does
    * Attempt with ES 6.0 alpha
    * Adds fix for bookmark deletion bug
    * Adds missing details to work indexer
    * Adds rollout to indexing
    * Swaps out 'use_old_search?' with 'use_new_search?'
    * Fixes param names in tests
    * Adds rollout to application record use_new_search? method
    * Fixes small details & removes unused code
    * Fixes typo
    * Fixes typo
    * Fixes typo
    * Fixes lack of question mark for method
    * Runs Travis build on old ES and sets elasticsearch version with rollout
    * Fixes inccorect method invocation
    * Fixes incorrect method invocation in people controller
    * Fixes works stats feature failures
    * Adds fixes for failing specs
    * Uses appropriate count method for old es version
    * Removes debug line from feature
    * Upgrades nokogiri due to security concern
    * Makes it so app will respond appropriately to ES version
    To run on Travis, all three ES urls need to be the same:
    All need to point to the same thing. Whenever running an instance of the app
    with two versions of ES, ENV['ELASTICSEARCH_URL'] and ENV['ELASTICSEARCH_1_URL']
    need to point to the old version and ENV['UPGRADED_ELASTICSEARCH_URL'] needs to
    point to the new version.
    * Second attempt with 6.0.0-alpha1 ES
    * For test with ES 6.0.0-alpha1
    * Fixes Travis run in 6.0.0-alpha1 ES
    * Untar
    * Try starting both
    * Simple test run
    * Differentiate the builds
    * Differentiate the builds
    * Restore all the tests
    * Fixes call to new elasticsearch api perform_request
    * Updates to test suite to watch how upgraded es version works on its own
    * refactors out index updating methods in feature specs
    * Adds rollout specs
    * Fixes bug in work search form object
    * Matches config to travis
    * Removes all but rspec tests from travis for now
    * Sets up tests & rollout methods use expected behavior
    * Fixes switch from string to text or keyword for index definitions
    * Updates index definitions to be compatible with 6.0.0.beta2 ES version
    * Changes localhost to home IP for old ES urls
    * Does not require old es to work when old es is gone
    * Switches ES bool queries to true/false
    * Fixes spec failures for ES Group 1
    * Adds specific test to ensure old elasticsearch does not index when it's not present
    * Moves to new elasticsearch document indexing when old es is gone
    * Fixes problem with helper method for specs
    * Ensures app never attempts to reindex an old es index in the new es instance
    * Makes it so that a user doesn't have to be present if use_new_search is 100% enabled
    * Runs ES=1
    * Runs ES=2
    * Runs ES=3
    * Runs ES=4
    * Back to rspec
    * Removes command to rebuild three times upon failure
    * Updates set_rollout script to use global  variable
    * Adds rollout definitions to test suite to see if that addresses Travis build problem
    * Runs build with ES=1
    * Runs all builds
    * Adds same assurances to features as specs that ES will work w/ both versions
    * Fixes imported image URL in feature spec
    * Fixes reference to tire methods when tire is gone in feature support methods
    * Runs only ES=4
    * Moves es/rollout code for feature specs
    * Fixes boolean representation in work search form
    * Fixes boolean in ES search in bookmark search form
    * Fixes bookmarks feature failures
    * Fixes works_restricted feature failures
    * Runs all four ES groups
    * Runs ES=1 and ES=4
    * Comments out test that's breaking due to third-party url bug
    * Makes Travis only run 2 trials
    1 - With the old Elasticsearch, in which we test that the old Elasticsearch
    continues to work while start_new_indexing is true (individual tests also test
    that the SearchForm classes continue to work as expected, meaning that the new
    Elasticsearch also works in this case when use_new_search is true)
    2 - With the new Elasticsearch
    * Adds old exlclusion filter code
    * Adds tests & code for work filtering with exclusion tags
    * Addresses Travis test failures
    * Adds bookmark exclusion filters
    * Downgrades back to 5.6.1 (latest stable) ES version
    * Adds single_mapping => true to ES indices
    * Fixes failure to index bookmarks when they do not have a bookmarkable object
    * Adds comments to help when removing old code
    * Removes rollout manipulation from Travis
    This was not actually setting features. All Travis needs to do is install one or
    both versions of ES depending on the test group being run.
    * Adds test cases for use_new_search? controller method
    * Adds tests & fixes bugs for filtering
    * Removes default 'true' from use_new_search method
    Reverts old styles and scripts to master
    * Fixes typos
    * Fixes more typos
    * Fixes rollout test for works controller
    * Fixes works controller mistake
    * Ports over ALL js and css changes that effect filters
    * Removes useless method
    * Removes file that has nothing to do with new search
    * Fixes failing filter tests
    * Pulls in fix for autocomplete bug from master
    * AO3-4815: Fill out new batch indexing code
    * Fixes merge clobbering of css & js files
    * AO3-4815: Add new ES to codeship script and use local.yml instead of … (#3110)
    * AO3-4815: Add new ES to codeship script and use local.yml instead of editing the regular config
    * Fix ES download url and load local config when testing
    * AO3-4815: Ensure correct results when browsing bookmarks by user (#3109)
    * AO3-5213 Index authors on works correctly for sorting (#3114)
    AO3-5213 Index authors on works correctly for sorting
    * AO3-5207 Add StatCounterIndexer and fix order of reindexing. (#3111)
    * AO3-5207 First go at StatCounter reindexing.
    * AO3-5207 Add RSpec tests to make sure it works.
    * AO3-5207 Small fixes to pass tests.
    * AO3-5207 Make sure to call original when stubbing.
    * AO3-5207 Finally fixed.
    * AO3-5212 Index correct user ids for works. Also throw in a couple of updated work type tag ids (#3112)
    * AO3-5209 Don't change the appearance of non-work & bookmark filters (#3117)
    * AO3-5209 Use old JavaScript and views for old Elasticsearch filters (styling fixes to come)
    * AO3-5209 Restyle old filters
    * AO3-5209 Ensure new work and bookmark filter styling does not conflict with exisiting collection filter styles
    * AO3-5216 Fix setting authenticity tokens when cached pages load (#3118)
    This was the fix for AO3-5153, which got lost in a merge.
    * AO3-5214 Only run the tests on Travis once for now (#3116)
    * WIP: Devise user migration attempt
    * Moves user table to devise
    * Updates migration & structure to work with activated_at and add indexes
    * AO3-5208: Fix filtering behavior (#3113)
    * AO3-5208: Fix filtering behavior by drilling down and setting facets appropriately.
    * AO3-5208: Don't error when there are no filters
    * AO3-5208: Ensure excluded tags are visible in filters
    * AO3-5208: Make sure bookmark facet query knows about exclusions. Also don't index filters and other bookmarkable fields on the bookmark itself since that's what we're trying to avoid.
    * AO3-5208: Dry up some tag-related query methods, reduce number of db requests, only exclude children of Character tags, and make exclusion work for bookmark tags again
    * AO3-5208: Update some tests to match new behavior
    * AO3-5208: Put excluded bookmark tags in the right filter bucket
    * AO3-5208: Remove sub tag exclusion code, since the meta tag id is already indexed on works
    * AO3-5208: Comment out tests for types of exclusion filtering we aren't currently doing for bookmarks
    * AO3-5208: Enable querying on both parent and child bookmark fields and reflect queries in bookmark filters
    * AO3-5208: Update tests for bookmark search syntax change and bookmarker indexing encompassing user name
    * AO3-5208: Make 'other tags' filtering work for noncanonical tags as well
    * AO3-5223: Fix id on bookmarks exclude field
    * AO3-5208: Remove child exclusion from filters and enable inclusion for noncanonical tags
    * AO3-5220 and AO3-5224: Fix searching bookmarks by notes and tag names and index bookmarkable date for sorting
    * AO3-5220: Update old bookmark search code for notes fix, fix spacing in module
    * AO3-5225 Fix sidebar counts and scope by user id if a user is present (#3119)
    * AO3-5225: Fix sidebar counts and scope by user id if a user is present
    * AO3-5225: Update user dashboard feature to check counts in multiple places
    * WIP: Integration with Devise
    * WIP: Devise integration
    * Revert "WIP: Devise integration"
    This reverts commit a6a10cd.
    * Revert "WIP: Integration with Devise"
    This reverts commit 3370002.
    * Adds bare minimum user code to ensure authenticate_admins.feature still passes
    * Adds Devise route & form defaults
    * Fixes authentication feature failures
    * Fixes tag spec
    * Fixes Invite Request spec
    * Fixes unsorted tag spec
    * Fixes user spec
    + Removes tests for #has_no_credentials? method, which is no longer in use
    + Fixes reference to `crypted_password`, which is now `encrypted_password`
    * Fixes comments spec
    * Removes authlogic requirements from user steps
    * Fixes typo
    * Fixes admin login problem in test environment
    * Fixes admin features
    * Fixes problem with email miscounts due to devise confirmation instructions email
    * Fixes capitalization problem in challenge giftexchange feature
    * Fixes archivist features by adding registration code
    * Uses existing signup notification to deliver confirmation token to new users
    * Fixes feature step definition generating an irrelevant email
    * Adds more feature failure fixes
    * Fixes tag_comment feature
    * Fixes user features
    * Allows user logins to still display with case
    * Fixes case-sensitivity in admin abuse users feature
    * Adds tests for login case sensitivity
    * Fixes case sensitivity issues in other features
    * Adds password backwards compatibility to user model
    * Fixes capitalization mistake
    * Allows users to sign in with either email address OR login
    * Removes unused authlogic code
    * Re-adds user helper methods
    * Removes spec that's testing code that no longer exists
    * Adds tests for password backwards compatibility
    * Fixes references to UserSession in users controller
    * Fixes reference to UserSession in passwords controller
    * Removes unused views
    * Minor fixes
    * Removes some remaining vestiges of authlogic
    * Small cleanup
    * Adds tests to ensure user flow messages are correct
    * Removes authlogic as a dependency
    * Fixes sign in bug
    Signing in with a bad password twice in a row was raising the message "Sorry,
    you don't have permission to access the page you were trying to reach." instead
    of "The password or user name you entered doesn't match our records" because the
    resource variables changed between attempts.
    * Removes unnecessary helpers
    * Some cleanup from the merge
    * Removes test for non-existent controller
    * Undo Elasticsearch scraps that got reverted
    * Removes unnecessary files
    * Checking Travis build difference between my branch at littlelines/otwarchive vs the PR build
    * AO3-2839: Merge fix for TOS version
    * AO3-2839: Allow for blank user params when creating admins
    * AO3-2839: Update profile test to fix failure
    * AO3-2839: Add an undo option for Devise migration
    * AO3-2839 Remove ruby-version file that snuck in
    * AO3-2839 Redirect to your dash on sign in if no redirect info available in cookie
    * AO3-2839 Fix exposed HTML in log in flash notice
    * AO3-2839 Add styling for Devise's alert flash messages
    * AO3-2839 Misc review comments
    * Add a missing space in a view
    * Remove some words from a message because we're not sure why they were added
    * AO3-2839 Tidy tests
    * AO3-2839 Update Gemfile.lock
    * AO3-2839 Remove changes to structure file
    * AO3-2839 Remove the rest of the changes to structure file
    * AO3-5527 Can't use invites used for deleted user (#3431)
    * AO3-2839 Update tests and fixtures
    * Remove extra blank line in controller too
    * AO3-2839 Fix some spacing issues for Hound
    * AO3-2839 Fix error when logging in withthout remember me option
    * AO3-2839 Update migration timestamp
Commits on Nov 26, 2018
  1. AO3-5541 Modify draft deletion task. (#3474)

    tickinginstant authored and sarken committed Nov 26, 2018
    Make it so that drafts are deleted in the same transaction as their
    chapters, hopefully reducing the incidence of works without chapters.
    In addition, make the draft purge task more resistant to failures, and
    print out errors for all of the drafts that couldn't be deleted.
Commits on Nov 24, 2018
  1. AO3-2378 Add task to reset word count for works of a language (#3473)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Nov 24, 2018
    * AO3-2378 Add task to reset word count for works of a language
    Add new test type for Rake tasks.
    * AO3-2378 Remove unnecessary word_count_will_change! call on works
    Unlike chapters, works will always have word count reset on save.
    * AO3-2378 Move new task to namespace After
    * AO3-2378 Update task comment
Commits on Nov 21, 2018
  1. AO3-5571 Add better error handling to bookmark import (#3471)

    ariana-paris authored and sarken committed Nov 21, 2018
  2. AO3-5561 Fix comment permissions on unrevealed works (#3472)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Nov 21, 2018
    * AO3-5561 Check for unrevealed works before commenting
    * AO3-5561 Hide edit and reply buttons