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Tag: v0.9.240.0
Commits on Mar 10, 2019
  1. AO3-5641 Add system gems god and unicorn (#3538)

    zz9pzza authored and redsummernight committed Mar 10, 2019
    * Add system gems
    * Use post 1.9 form
  2. AO3-5604 change admin post path in devise_failure_message_options.rb (#…

    niconicosette authored and zz9pzza committed Mar 10, 2019
  3. AO3-5592 Correct grammar mistake on post new work form (#3505)

    awilson739 authored and sarken committed Mar 10, 2019
  4. AO3-5638 Fix image URL in DeviantArt import test (#3537)

    redsummernight committed Mar 10, 2019
    * AO3-5638 Fix image URL in DeviantArt import test
    * AO3-5289 Freeze time to make timezone test valid forever
  5. AO3-5621 Update Elasticsearch on CI to 6.6.1 (#3519)

    zz9pzza authored and redsummernight committed Mar 10, 2019
    * Increment the version
    * Increment the version
    * Bump to 6.6.1
Commits on Mar 3, 2019
  1. AO3-5631 Make /tmp download directory unique per generation (#3532)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Mar 3, 2019
    * AO3-5631 Make /tmp download directory unique per generation
    Add the file type and current timestamp to the directory name.
    This means each generation has to stay with the same Download
    instance for proper cleanup, and the Download class methods
    become obsolete.
    Having timestamped directory names means we need to freeze time
    so the tests can find the generated files.
    * AO3-5631 Use Dir.mktmpdir
Commits on Feb 28, 2019
  1. AO3-5634 Add whitespace to meta section of ebooks (#3533)

    sarken authored and redsummernight committed Feb 28, 2019
Commits on Feb 26, 2019
  1. AO3-5630 Update wkhtmltopdf Codeship install (#3529)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Feb 26, 2019
    Codeship recently upgraded the OS to Ubuntu Bionic.
Commits on Feb 25, 2019
  1. AO3-5630 Always delete /tmp files after download generation (#3528)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Feb 25, 2019
    * AO3-5630 Always delete /tmp files after download generation
    Use around_action with begin/ensure to run cleanup even when
    the action has errors.
    Use Download.remove because if download generation fails,
    `@Download` will be nil.
    * AO3-5630 Remove redundant begin block
Commits on Feb 20, 2019
  1. AO3-3880 Don't add endnotes to ebook TOC (#3527)

    sarken authored and redsummernight committed Feb 20, 2019
Commits on Feb 14, 2019
  1. AO3-3880 visibility: 'public' for related works. (#3524)

    tickinginstant authored and redsummernight committed Feb 14, 2019
    When rendering a work to be downloaded, Devise functions are unavailable, so all calls to ApplicationHelper#byline on items that could have anonymous? set to true need to have visibility: 'public' set.
  2. AO3-3880 Allow users to download restricted works (#3522)

    sarken authored and redsummernight committed Feb 14, 2019
    * AO3-3880 Allow users to download restricted works
    * AO3-3880 Let everyone download public works and only admins and users download restricted works
    * AO3-3880 Give downloads their own visibility check
    * AO3-3880 Prevent downloading drafts ats and hidden works
    Also hide Download button if work has been hidden
    * AO3-3880 Move unrevealed check to check_download_visibility
    * AO3-3880 Don't display download option on unrevealed works
    * AO3-3808 Make check_download_visibility less complex by splitting out posted check
Commits on Feb 12, 2019
  1. AO3-5622 Include images in mobi, epub, and azw3 downloads (#3521)

    sarken authored and redsummernight committed Feb 12, 2019
Commits on Feb 10, 2019
  1. AO3-5582 Update Elasticsearch on CI to 6.5.2 (#3520)

    zz9pzza authored and sarken committed Feb 10, 2019
Commits on Feb 9, 2019
  1. AO3-5607 Move Travis to Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 (#3514)

    redsummernight authored and zz9pzza committed Feb 9, 2019
    Travis offers MySQL 5.7 by default with this OS, so no need to
    bring in mysql-5.7-trusty or run mysql_upgrade.
    Use the correct wkhtmltox package.
    - No need to specify the Ruby version in .travis.yml, since Travis
      can detect it from .ruby-version.
    - Remove IRC notifications.
    - Rearrange the build phases in the order they're run.
Commits on Feb 7, 2019
  1. AO3-3880 Fix download file name transliteration (#3516)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Feb 7, 2019
Commits on Feb 6, 2019
  1. AO3-5614 Add AZW3 downloads (#3515)

    sarken authored and redsummernight committed Feb 6, 2019
    * AO3-5614 Add AZW3 downloads
    * AO3-5614 Fix file_type_from_mime(mime) method
    * AO3-5614 Fix step definition
Commits on Feb 3, 2019
  1. AO3-3880 Work download tweaks (#3513)

    sarken authored and redsummernight committed Feb 3, 2019
    * AO3-3880 Update get_pdf_command
    * disable smart shrinking to make the font size bigger again
    * stop logging to allow large PDFs to be generated
    * AO3-3880 Puts flags in alaphabetical order
    * AO3-3880 Decrease chapter text margin on mobi and epub
    * AO3-3880 Install wkhtmltopdf 0.12.5
    The --log-level option is new to this version.
Commits on Feb 1, 2019
  1. AO3-3880 Switch to Calibre (#3392)

    elzj authored and redsummernight committed Feb 1, 2019
    * AO3-3880: Treat unknown formats as 404s
    * AO3-3880: Add download tools to travis build
    * AO3-3880: Create mobi and epub files with calibre and extract download code to new classes. Hat tip to shalott's original PR
    * AO3-3880: Bypass authlogic when rendering views outside of controllers
    * AO3-3880: Update renderer, fix typos, tweak a few things
    * AO3-3880: Add back file cleanup
    * AO3-3880: One more place we need the right paths
    * AO3-3880: Make sure PDF titles are escaped and add back javascript flag
    * AO3-3880: More fixes and tests ported from shalott's PR
    * AO3-3880: Some syntax tweaks and simplifications
    * AO3-3880 Install wkhtmltopdf on Travis and Codeship
    * Remove extra wkhtmltopdf loading
    * AO3-3880 Don't generate covers for epubs
    * AO3-3880 Use single-spaced indented paragraphs for mobi
    * AO3-3880 Bold the metadata labels on mobi files
    * AO3-3880 Fix table of contents generation for mobi and epub
    * Override Calibre's default XPath for detecting chapters
    * Add invisible h2s to HTML to set TOC section names
    Note: The previous version of downloads did not generate a
    proper TOC for mobi files -- it merely placed a list at the
    top of the document. Now it has a proper TOC like epubs
    always had.
    Also note that everything starting with the h1 in
    download_preface is now on a separate page in epub and mobi,
    but is still considered part of the preface. The separate
    happens because Calibre auto inserts them; this can be
    overridden but was beyond the scope of this commit.
    * AO3-3880 Standardize appearance of ebook formats
    * No box or two-column display on meta for epubs
    * No book-style paragraph formatting on mobis
    * Add more metadata
    * title-sort: better alphabetization of titles with English articles
      in Kindle app and possibly Calibre, not so much iBooks
    * author-sort: better alphabetization of authors (again, doesn't seem
      to apply in iBooks)
    * tags: iBooks uses the first tag as the category, so we are adding
    * language
    * publisher
    * Make sure metadata includes series
    * Make ebook stylesheet work in development
    * Remove lingering code comment
    * Add title to the download preface
    * AO3-3880 Remove unused epub views and XhtmlSplitter
    * AO3-3880 Install download dependencies in Travis before_script
    * AO3-3880 Install Calibre on Codeship
    * AO3-3880 Remove trailing spaces in download tests
    * AO3-3880 Remove method that was removed in Devise switch but modified in Calibre pull request
    * AO3-3880 Test downloads of anonymous and multifandom works
    * AO3-3880 Don't use ts method in download model
    * AO3-3880 Fix indenting and quotation marks in download_preface view and download controller
    * AO3-3880 Remove code that was used just to test error message of failed downloads
    * AO3-3880 Fix downloads erroring for admins
    * AO3-3880 Add test for downloads with emoji in title
    * AO3-3880 Include work title in file name even when less than 3 characters long
    * AO3-3880 Remove extra blank line in download model
    * AO3-3880 Don't break anonymity in metadata
    * AO3-3880 Remove extra blank line after new method in series model
    * AO3-3880 Use comma-separated author names for metadata
    * AO3-3880 Return ability to disable downloads
    * AO3-3880 Remove trailing comma in array
    * AO3-3880 Remove redundant metadata hash merge
    * AO3-3880 Check if downloads are enabled before loading the work; clean up comments in downloads_controller
    * AO3-3880 Add spaces to the join on tags
    * AO3-3880 Change version of wkhtmltopdf used in CI
    * AO3-3880 Leave wkhtmltopdf version alone in CI for now
Commits on Jan 28, 2019
  1. AO3-5375 bookmark search filter languages (#3346)

    DreamSea authored and sarken committed Jan 28, 2019
    * AO3-5375 add language options to bookmark search form
    * AO3-5375 move language option next to other work related criteria
    * AO3-5375 add work language option to bookmark filters
    * AO3-5375 bookmark search by work language rspec
    * AO3-5375 bookmark language search feature using languages fixture
    * AO3-5375 spec combining bookmarkable_search_results related "searching" context
    * AO3-5375 reusing bookmarks definition over all-fixtures for speed/clarity
    * AO3-5375 removing (outdated) @new-search from feature
Commits on Jan 27, 2019
  1. AO3-5089 Allow collections with bookmarks to be revealed (#2981)

    elzj authored and sarken committed Jan 27, 2019
    * AO3-5089: Allow collections with bookmarks to be revealed
    * AO3-5089: Fix collection item specs
    * AO3-5089: Restore change to comment text
  2. AO3-3583 Type field on bookmark search loses info on editing search (#…

    sarken authored and redsummernight committed Jan 27, 2019
    * AO3-3583 Uncomment test for bookmark type search field
    * AO3-3583 Make bookmark search type field remember what it's told
    * AO3-3583 Clean up bookmark search form partial
    - Add some translation strings
    - Fix indenting and line lenght
    - Use sentence case on labels (and update tests where required)
    * AO3-3583 Fix capitalization in test
    * AO3-3583 Fix capitalization change that got clobbered in merge
    * AO3-3583 Remove the HEAD that stuck around after conflict resolution
  3. AO3-5198 remove user-facing count on all skins (#3436)

    niconicosette authored and sarken committed Jan 27, 2019
  4. AO3-5400 Fix 500 error on admin activity show page when admin is dele…

    hatal175 authored and sarken committed Jan 27, 2019
    …ted (#3334)
    * AO3-5400 Use same activity admin login logic in index and show
    * AO3-5400 Add rspec tests for the change
    * AO3-5400 Change spec test to test just the helper function
  5. AO3-5574 Fix cancel button for pseud deletion (#3503)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Jan 27, 2019
  6. AO3-5602 Typo in TOS FAQ (#3511)

    awilson739 authored and sarken committed Jan 27, 2019
Commits on Jan 21, 2019
  1. AO3-5581 Use ScheduledReindexJob and IndexQueue in RSpec tests (#3512)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Jan 21, 2019
    So we don't need to delete and recreate the indices from scratch.
    Move search-related specs to the correct folder.
Commits on Jan 20, 2019
  1. AO3-5493 Fixes for the Elasticsearch-ification of unwrangled tags (#3509

    sarken authored and redsummernight committed Jan 20, 2019
    * AO3-5493 Include wrangled tags in tag search results
    * AO3-5493 Case insensitive sorting of tags, h/t redsummernight
    * AO3-5493 Move unrelated tests out of file I'm about to edit and into a file they belong in
    * AO3-5493 Remove spare commas
    * AO3-5493 Revert change to indexer
    * AO3-5493 ReiReindex child tags on merger change
    * AO3-5493 Use name column for sorting by name
    * AO3-5493 Undo change in column used for sorting
    * AO3-5493 Correct test description
    * AO3-5493 Test unwrangled character bin
    * AO3-5493 Add specs for character bins and unwrangled tag sorting
    * AO3-5493 Sort tags by lowercased name instead of sortable_name
    * AO3-5493 Make reindexing and listing of characters' unwrangled relationship tags work
    * AO3-5493 Fix indenting
    * AO3-5493 Don't use instance variables in test
    * AO3-5493 Fix number of tags on unwrangled page
    * AO3-5493 Make scheduled_reindex_job model DRYer
    * AO3-5493 child and parent tag queries should be able to handle nil types
    * AO3-5493 Remove useles option from suggested_child_tags_query
    * AO3-5493 Get all the child tags Elasticsearch can give us
    * AO3-5493 Make queueing child tags asynchronous
    * AO3-5493 Get potential child tags for reindexing by going through the database
    The alternative would be using Elasticsearch's scroll to get all pages of results, but the code is
    more complex and won't necessarily perform faster. If the database method is to slow, we should
    explore that method. Details: #3509 (comment)
Commits on Jan 16, 2019
  1. AO3-5493 Reindex tags synchronously for wrangling changes (#3506)

    sarken committed Jan 16, 2019
    * AO3-5493 Skip index queue for tag changes
    * AO3-5493 Override enqueue_to_index in the tag model
    * AO3-5493 Remove added whitespace
    * AO3-5493 Add comment in searchable.rb
    * AO3-5493 Indexing no longer needs to be run in wrangling tests
    * AO3-5493 No longer need to run indexing before tag search test
    * AO3-5493 Check that IndexQueue can still call TagIndexer if we really want it to
    * AO3-5493 Run indexing for tag search test
    * AO3-5493 Put things back to how they were
    * AO3-5493 Reindex immediately only in certain instances
    * AO3-5493 Rename misleadingly named unwrangled? method to unfilterable?
    * AO3-5493 Make sure tags get reindexed quickly when parents update
Commits on Jan 15, 2019
  1. AO3-5600 Fix google_visualr git gem reference (#3507)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Jan 15, 2019
    The fork we've been using was deleted.
Commits on Jan 13, 2019
  1. AO3-5493 Allow searching for tags used only in drafts (#3504)

    redsummernight authored and sarken committed Jan 13, 2019
    * AO3-5493 Allow searching for tags used only in drafts
    This just sets up indexing/querying, without actually using it
    in the wrangling UI yet.
    Move TAGGINGS_COUNT_MIN_CACHE_COUNT to config.yml, so we don't
    need to specify a default every time. Use this property for
    the tagging reindex limit, instead of hard-coding 100.
    Tags are reindexed to get updated draft-only status in two ways:
    - When taggings are created/destroyed; this currently only applies
      to characters, relationships, and freeforms, so we need to add
    - When works become posted; we need to add a reindex callback.
    * AO3-5493 Remove before(:all) from comment_spec
    This runs outside of transactions and doesn't get cleaned up
    properly by DatabaseCleaner. The leftover data breaks the new
    tag query specs.
    * AO3-5493 Combine tests with the same setup
    * AO3-5493 Use Tag::USER_DEFINED
    * AO3-5493 Use new config option TAGGINGS_COUNT_REINDEX_LIMIT
    Instead of TAGGINGS_COUNT_MIN_CACHE_COUNT, so we can adjust them
    * AO3-5493 Add tagger check (everyone's doing it)
    * AO3-5493 Update config comment
    * AO3-5493 Rename draft_only to has_posted_works
    * AO3-5493 Rename has_posted_works to has_posted_works?
Commits on Jan 12, 2019
  1. AO3-5493 Add wrangling data to tag index (#3395)

    elzj authored and redsummernight committed Jan 12, 2019
    * First pass at moving wrangling status data to elasticsearch
    * AO3-5493: Fix params permitting
    * AO3-5493: Fix spec sorting
    * AO3-5493: Add hooks, update tests, fix a deprecation warning
    * AO3-5493: Update layout and quotes and fix redundancy
    * AO3-5493 Test unwrangled tags on wrangling pages
    * AO3-5493 Add test for unwrangleable tags
    * AO3-5493 Add unwrangleable to fields indexed
    * AO3-5493 Fix step in test
    * AO3-5493 Update test again
    * AO3-5493 Update link text/charcater tag count in test
    * AO3-5493 Update unwrangelable term query
    * AO3-5394 Try reindexing tags before going to wrangling page
    * AO3-5493 Fix test that was failing because I was wrong about desired behavior~
    * AO3-5493 Try reindexing tags after editing
    * AO3-5493 Fix indexing job running
    * Use exists query instead of dummy values.
    * Rename exclusion filter for wrangled tags
    * Make suggested parents distinct
Commits on Jan 10, 2019
  1. AO3-5533 & AO3-5544 Don't use after_commit for update_anon_unrevealed. (

    tickinginstant authored and sarken committed Jan 10, 2019
    * AO3-5533 & AO3-5544 Don't use after_commit.
    Using after_commit for the anonymous/unrevealed updates means that any
    changes to the CollectionItem that were just written to the database
    might not be available to read. So after_save/after_destroy is
    preferred, but requires a number of other changes to ensure the correct
    * AO3-5206 Test for collection juggling.
    * AO3-5533 & AO3-5544 Tests: no message content.
Commits on Jan 5, 2019
  1. AO3-5584 Make removal come last. (#3500)

    tickinginstant authored and redsummernight committed Jan 5, 2019
Commits on Dec 31, 2018
  1. AO3-4310 Translate invite request decline email (#3245)

    cesy authored and zz9pzza committed Dec 31, 2018
    * AO3-4310 Test for invite request decline email
    * Making Hound happy
    * AO3-4310 review comments
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