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sarken commented Jul 17, 2012

Tables needed scopes, captions, and summaries, and, in some cases, they needed to no longer be tables. I full acknowledge that this strayed from the original issue quite a bit: these pages were missing translation strings, and the admin pages needed some general clean-up in order to look consistent and allow admin-specific CSS tweaks.

Tables removed from:

  • abuse_reports/show, which recommended formatting the page as "an inbox" -- which isn't a design pattern that we have, so I used the .comment style, which is used in the inbox, and added a few CSS tweaks to the admin stylesheet so it would look okay without displaying a user icon
  • admin/admin_users/notify, which was just a long list of tickyboxes and is now a two-column listbox
  • archive_faqs/admin_index, which recommended a dl.index and thus now matches the admin posts
  • devmode/index, which was just a list of options

Containing div class="admin" added to:

  • abuse_reports/index
  • abuse_reports/show
  • admin/admin_users/index
  • admin/admin_users/notify
  • admin/admin_users/show
  • admin/skins/index
  • admin/skins/index_approved
  • admin/skins/index_rejected
  • admin/stats/index
  • archive_faqs/_admin_index
  • invite_requests/manage
  • user_invite_requests/index

Some pages needed an actions class removed from a submit button to keep it from floating outside the table form:

  • admin/admin_users/show
  • admin/skins/index
  • admin/skins/index_approved
  • admin/skins/index_rejected

Some tables needed the stats class removed in order to display the cells beneath the headers:

  • admin/stats/_user_stats
  • admin/stats/_work_stats
  • admin/stats/_invitation_stats

Inline styles removed from:

  • devmode/list_controllers
  • devmode/seedusers
  • devmode/seedworks

Some table forms had their submit buttons in incorrectly-placed tfoots (they should have been after thead and before tbody) and were moved to match the majority of table forms, where the button comes after the table:

  • translators/new
  • user_invite_requests/index


  • gifts/index_for_collection appears to be an old file that is no longer in use
  • devmode/seedworks has something going on for lines 14-18 that I don't quite understand -- it's just creating an empty table before the ones that display data. If this is, in fact, all that's going on, let me know and I'll yank that part out

.actions added a float: right that made the submit button escape from the form and required a presentational clear to fix

.admin class allows us to target these pages better and should be on all admin pages

.actions was causing this button to float outside the form and end up half inside the user history table

.admin means better targeting

Converted the table to a dl.index as suggested. Now it's like the admin posts page, which displays the same kind of information.

For better targeting

We like our table ids specific

The button was escaping the table form

Allows targeting

A table wasn't right, but we don't have a design pattern known as inbox. Instead, we have comments, which are used inside the inbox.

Removes overlap with navigation

This and the below override the comment-related styling that leaves space for user icons, since abuse reports don't get icons

Allows targeting if/when we run into style issues

Since this is just a list of users (albeit with tickyboxes), it makes more sense to code it as a list than a table

Switched to the helper method because we like our things DRY

The stats class was causing all the stats tables to display in a wonky way (ie the cells didn't display beneath their headers)

This didn't need to be a table, since it was really just listing the devmode options

I can't tell what this does/is supposed to do -- it seems like it's just creating an extra empty table at the top of the page.


sarken commented Aug 5, 2012

Um. I tried to rebase this so it could be merged, but I don't think it went right. It shouldn't be showing everyone else's commits, should it? :\


sarken commented Aug 9, 2012

Used git reflog to do a hard reset to a pre-rebase state, force-pushed that, and then did the rebase properly. Quick, someone merge this before another conflict develops!

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Issue 320: Clean up ALL the tables

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TABLES not validated #320

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