A lightweight editor for SSAS Tabular Models built in .NET/WinForms
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Tabular Editor

Tabular Editor is a tool that lets you easily manipulate and manage measures, calculated columns, display folders, perspectives and translations in SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular Models (from Compatibility Level 1200 and onwards). The tool is written entirely in .NET WinForms (C#).


Tabular Editor uses the Tabular Object Model to load and save metadata to and from Model.bim files or existing databases. For this reason, make sure you have the latest AMO libraries available before installing Tabular Editor. They can be downloaded from the Azure Analysis Services Client Libraries page (Click "AMO" version 15.1.0 or newer). The .msi installer for Tabular Editor includes these libraries.


View the article on www.kapacity.dk/tabular-editor for a general presentation of the tool and the motivations behind it.

Version History


View the full roadmap for upcoming features here.