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Test Cases

The purpose of this document is to provide insight into the test cases I utilize during release testing of Open Access Helper (for Safari). Sadly, there is always a chance that a test case, which was true today, will be false tomorrow. If you come across a problem with Open Access Helper, feel free to eMail me at and provide as much description as possible.

Due to time constraints during testing, I am not interested to grow this list indefinately, however if there is a publisher you know and trust and are able to contribute test cases, use the eMail address above to provide me with cases. I love to have cases for the three main cases I am testing for.


  • No Badge
    • No Open Access found
  • Orange
    • Open Access found at different location
    • Potentially I was just not able to follow through to finaly location
  • Green
    • Open Access at this location


There is no specific order to these sites, many of them were added in the order I added them during development and while there are thousands of publishers out there, I only test across the few below. Thus, if you have a really important case, send it my way.

Please note that I will try to limit "screen scraping" cases to the bare minimum, as these tend to break frequently and will be hard to maintain.






Sage Publishing



Springer Link

Oxford University Press

Cambridge University Press:



EBSCO example