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Safari App Extension for Wayback Machine (
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wbm Extension


Safari App Extension for Wayback Machine (


The official Safari App Extension for the internet archive's Wayback Machine didn't fulfill our needs and we thus felt, we could create something, which would serve ourselves and the community best.

The original concept for this extension was created by gingerbeardman, who is also the driving force behind the business logic

What does it do?


  1. the popover will show the last snapshot date for a page
  2. option to see latest snapshot, oldest snapshot, page history
  3. option to see domain files and domain data
  4. option to save snapshot of current page

Context Menu

  1. newest snapshot
  2. oldest snapshot
  3. page history

Keyboard Shortcut

  1. ctrl + w -> will open Page History


You are able to define, which context menu items are added to your Safari Context Menu and which keyboard shortcut to use. We elected to use strg / ctrl as it is a rather unusual modifier on macOS

Will it be in the App Store

The ultimate goal is to provide this as a free extension in the App Store


We provide German & English translations at this time. We would love to work with others to add additional languages!

Support my work


Use the issues page to collaborate with us or contact me at to discuss directly

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