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99,9% of Skype transmissions are RC4 encrypted, with a 128 bits key
generated from a seed, seed that is calculated from environmental
parameters like Public Ip adress etc.. The mechanism that generate
the key from the seed is smartly obfuscated, protected with intentionally
provoked exception as code branchements. Then i decided to run trough this
by writting a little soft, running in server mode, that read seeds in
entry, inject seed in a skype process, and get back the 128 bit key from
the skype process, and send it to the key requester.You can run this in a
virtual machine or a windows server. All you have to do is to launch the
Skype v2.5 client (install version from SkypeSetup.zip) and then launch
the SkypeKeyServer.exe. Now that the server is running, you have to set
it up in the code, by changing the line 5 of the Cipher.cpp file :

#define     KEY_SERV_ADDR    “192.168…”

Just replace the IP Address by the one of your server and you are ready.
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