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  1. Change the version in to a non-SNAPSHOT version.
  2. Update the for the impending release.
  3. Update the with the new version.
  4. git commit -am "Prepare for release X.Y.Z." (where X.Y.Z is the new version)
  5. git tag -a X.Y.Z -m "Version X.Y.Z" (where X.Y.Z is the new version)
  6. ./gradlew clean uploadArchives
  7. Update the to the next SNAPSHOT version.
  8. git commit -am "Prepare next development version."
  9. git push && git push --tags
  10. Visit Sonatype Nexus and promote the artifact.

If step 6 or 7 fails, drop the Sonatype repo, fix the problem, commit, and start again at step 5.


In ~/.gradle/, set the following:

  • SONATYPE_NEXUS_USERNAME - Sonatype username for releasing to com.ouattararomuald.
  • SONATYPE_NEXUS_PASSWORD - Sonatype password for releasing to com.ouattararomuald.