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RxJava2 Adapter

An adapter for adapting RxJava 2.x types.

Available types:

  • Flowable<T> with T being AtomFeed or RssFeed.
  • Maybe<T> with T being AtomFeed or RssFeed.
  • Single<T> with T being AtomFeed or RssFeed.


Pass RxJava2CallAdapterFactory as parameter to Syndication.

val syndicationReader = Syndication(
  url = "",
  callFactory = RxJava2CallAdapterFactory.create()

create and interface like the one below

interface RssReader {

  fun readFlowable(): Flowable<RssFeed>

  fun readMaybe(): Maybe<RssFeed>
  fun readSingle(): Single<RssFeed>

then let Syndication class generates an implementation of that interface RssReader:

val reader = syndicationReader.create(
reader.readFlowable().subscribe { rssFeed -> /* do something */ }
reader.readMaybe().subscribe { rssFeed -> /* do something */ }
reader.readSingle().subscribe { rssFeed -> /* do something */ }

By default all reactive types execute their requests synchronously. There are multiple ways to control the threading on which a request occurs:

  • Call subscribeOn on the returned reactive type with a Scheduler of your choice.
  • Use createAsync() when creating the factory which will use OkHttp's internal thread pool.
  • Use createWithScheduler(Scheduler) to supply a default subscription Scheduler.


Download the latest JAR or grab via Gradle:

implementation 'com.ouattararomuald:syndication-rxjava2-adapter:0.1.0-rc.1'

or Maven:


Snapshots of the development version are available in Sonatype's snapshots repository.