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source and installation

The following locations currently mirror the source for pymon:

For further instructions on installation, please see the docs/INSTALL.rst file.

running pymon

If the python scripts bin dir is in your path, you can just run the following:

sudo pymond

If not, you can add that to your path, but you may as well add /usr/local/pymon/bin to your path too ;-) Then you can run that command. If you prefer to not make PATH changes, just run it like this:

sudo PYMON_PREFIX/bin/pymond

(The default would be "sudo /usr/local/pymon/bin/pymond").

If you would like to run this under daemontools, and you have daemontools installed, all you have to do is the following:

  • edit service/run and make sure that it points to your twistd and pymon.tac, and
  • ln -s PREFIX/service /service/pymond

If you are running a development version of pymon in your working directory (svn co), then run the following:

sudo ./bin/pymond

Now you should be up and running.

apache virtual hosts

You can also run pymon under apache configured as a virtual host. Here's how you'd do that:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ProxyPass / http://localhost:8080/vhost/http/

ngix virtual hosts


lighttpd virtual hosts


plugin list

The currently defined monitor types are as follows:

  • ping
  • http status

port numbers

How the port numbers were chosen:

>>> from adytum.util import numerology
>>> numerology.getNumerologicalValue('adytum pymon service web')
>>> numerology.getNumerologicalValue('adytum pymon service xml-rpc')


creating a new monitor

If you want to add more monitoring types, you will need to:

  • add the type to etc/pymon.conf
  • add the configuration to etc/schema.xml
  • add a new PyMonXXX protocol subclass to lib/ to handle data processing and saving.
  • add a XXXMonitor class lib/, inheriting from MonitorMixin and an appropriate FactoryClass
  • update AbstractFactory in lib/ with a dispatch method for instantiating your new monitor class
  • enable the new monitoring type in etc/pymon.conf
  • rebuild pymon with 'python install'

For more details, see the development guide: docs/HACKING.txt


Plans for development are being migrated from the docs/TODO file to a more formal location using a system specifically designed for targeting feature development in open source software:

If the feature you would like to see implemented is not there, feel free to propose one for discussion.

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