An example LFE/YAWS Web App Running on Docker
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LFE+YAWS: Docker

A Sample LFE+YAWS Web Application Running on Docker



This repo is featured in following LFE blog posts:

The former goes into more detail on how to run LFE in docker, which the second one is an update showing how to use the Docker image genereated from this repo as quickly as possible.

The code for the actual LFE+YAWS sample app resides in the lfeyawsdemo repository. The docker-lfe-yaws-sample-app project is a Dockerfile, a make file, and some convenience scripts. The primary purpose of this repo is to maintain the Docker image that gets pushed to Docker Hub.


To run the Docker image you need to have docker installed and running. Then simply run the following:

$ docker run -p 5099:5099 -t lfex/lfe-yaws-sample-app

You don't need the source code for that command; it will pull from Docker Hub.


If you should choose to build the Docker image yourself instead of getting it from Docker Hub:

$ git clone
$ cd docker-lfe-yaws-sample-app
$ make docker-build
$ make docker-run

For more details, you'll just need to read the blog posts linked above ;-)