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A Redis client library for Twisted Python

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txRedis - asynchronous redis client for Python

An asynchronous Redis client library for the Twisted Python networking framework.

Included are two protocol implementations, one using a custom Twisted based protocol parser, and another using the hiredis protocol parser.

To install txRedis and its dependencies (the Twisted and hiredis libraries), just use pip:

$ pip install .

Alternatively, you can install txRedis into a virtual environment:

$ pip install virtualenv
$ virtualenv .venv
$ . .venv/bin/activate
(.venv) $ pip install .

As above, this will install the txRedis dependencies.

If you want to run against the txRedis in your working directory, you can uninstall txRedis; its dependencies will remain:

(.venv $ pip uninstall txredis


There is not a txredis list (yet) but questions can be raised on the redis-client mailing list, or you can ask:

Bug tracker

File bug reports and any other feedback with the issue tracker.

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