A slimer reimplementation of the openventdata/birdcage code
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A slimer reimplementation of the https://github.com/openeventdata/birdcage code


GNU Parallel sqlite3 # (with Json support) python3.6 # or greater pip3 # apt install python3-pip

Be sure to add a myservers file in the same directory. This file should list : and the ipaddress of every other remote server. More information here.

```echo ":" > myservers```

pip3 install --upgrade pip3 pip3 instal --user -r requirements.txt


sudo apt install speedtest-cli iperf sudo apt install jq


slimbirdcage has example scripts to run the pipeline. The RUN_ALL.sh file runs the pipeline overall database input using bash.

The first variable is dbfiles, this is a list of the location of all the petrarch encoded database files. In this example all the files are local to the filesystem.

Next, a bash function called myrun is created. The myrun function takes one parameter (the file to be processed). the function creates an output file the in the outfile/ directory. You should ensure that this file exists. This function then runs the main processing line.

nice -n19 \
    sqlite3 $item "select json_object('doc_id', doc_id, 'phrases', phrases, 'mongo_id', mongo_id, 'date', date) from petrarch_table" |\
    parallel --no-notice --jobs +0 --pipe "python3 birdcage.py --data '-' \
    >> $outfile"

The first line, nice -n19 gives this script low priority in the list of running tasks. This is an io bound tasks so it is best to not also dominate the cores. Next, sqlite3 extracts the data from the petrarch tables in the database file. The file was passed in as a parameter. They query constructs a json object for each returned row. A list of json objects is passed, via pipes, to gnu parallel. Then parallel runs birdcage.py on the sets of json rows, eah crun of birdcage takes a chunck of data from each process. The result events are written to std out and then to the declared outfile.

This process is looped over for each file in the dbfiles list.


slimbirdcage makes extensive use of GNU Parallel. Below is the .bib citation.

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