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django-progressbarupload is a simple Django application that instantiates an HTML5 upload progress bar when the user submits a form with files (a form having basically FileField(s) and/or ImageField(s), and an enctype="multipart/form-data").



The following users have contributed:

Quick start

Requirements :
  • Django 1.7.4 or above.
  • Python 2.7 or 3.4
  • django.contrib.staticfiles app to serve static files
  1. Install the app

    pypi version

    pip install django-progressbarupload

    development version

    pip install -e git+
  2. Add progressbarupload to your INSTALLED_APPS in your settings

    INSTALLED_APPS += ('progressbarupload', )
  3. Add "progressbarupload.uploadhandler.ProgressBarUploadHandler" to your FILE_UPLOAD_HANDLERS setting

  4. Include the progressbarupload URLconf in your project

    (r'^progressbarupload/', include('progressbarupload.urls')),
  5. In your settings file, if you don't want to include jquery with {% progress_bar_media %}, then set:




Set the change_form_template and add_form_template attributes in your ModelAdmin to 'progressbarupload/change_form.html'.

from django.contrib import admin
from my_awesome_app.models import MyAwesomeModelWithFiles

class MyAwesomeModelWithFiles(admin.ModelAdmin):
    change_form_template = 'progressbarupload/change_form.html'
    add_form_template = 'progressbarupload/change_form.html', UploadFileModelAdmin)


This app includes a demo app, just go inside testapp dir and run

python migrate
python runserver

then go to or or

Form and ModelForm

To use a progress bar in your custom ModelForm or Form, load the progress_bar template tag set {% load progress_bar %} in the template, and use the following template tags {% progress_bar_media %} between

tags to load javascript files and {% progress_bar %} where you and to display the progress bar.

{% load progress_bar %}

<!DOCTYPE html>
    {% progress_bar_media %}

  <form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" action=".">
     {% csrf_token %}
     {{ form }}
     {% progress_bar %}
     <input type="submit" />

Further information

Make sure your browser renders HTML5 <progress> tag and uses data-* attribute (IE>10, FF>6.0, Chrome>8.0, Opera>11.0).

As Django has a unique TemporaryFileUploadHandler for all request.FILES. For ModelAdmin, if you have related models, using TabularInline, the upload progress will also be shown in the admin add/change form as soon as you use the right templates in your ModelAdmin (and even if your ModelAdmin doesn't contain any file upload).

Custom TemporaryFileUploadHandler copied from

Launch tests

It assumes you have installed virtualenvwrapper (

# get the application code
git clone
cd django-progressbarupload
# create a virtualenv
mkvirtualenv progressbarupload
add2virtualenv .
# install requirements for tests and django (set the django version you want to use)
pip install -r requirements/tests.txt django==1.7.4
# launch tests test --settings=progressbarupload.test_settings progressbarupload

New: Use transparently with uwsgi/nginx

The combination of uwsgi andnginx prevent django-progressbarupload from working because nginx buffers the entire POST request until it is complete before sending it to uwsgi/django. This means your application runs faster as uwsgi threads are less tied up, but it also makes it impossible to view to progress Django side.

Whilst you could use XMLHttpRequest 2.0 to get the progress client-side, you may not have the luxury if you need to support older browsers. This is where RFC1867 comes in. By configuring the nginx-upload-progress-module in the following way, it is possible to transparently support the native method as well as the plugin:

upload_progress uploadp 1m;

# JSON document rather than JSONP callback, pls

location ^ upload/url/pattern/
    track_uploads uploadp 30s {

location ^~ /progressbarupload/upload_progress {
    report_uploads uploadp;

nginx-upload-progress-module is available on ubuntu in the nginx-extras package.