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Welcome to the informatics wiki!

What is informatics? We're your research partners, working with OU Researchers to understand computational workflow challenges, and make recommendations for available resources, tools, best practices and future directions to enable data intensive science.

We're evangelists for low-cost/no-cost open source tools. We're constantly surveying the outside ecosystem for tools and capabilities that can be mapped to OU researcher's needs.


We provide periodic training activities for OU researchers, their students and collaborators. These include, but are not limited to:


Informatics Services

Informatics Labs

These are some experimental projects we're working on that may turn into service offerings in the future

General Tool stack

Some of the tools and open source projects we use most in our tool stack are:

  • Python - A general purpose programming language with excellent capabilities.
  • Statistics - Tools for statistical analysis
  • Celery - Python niceties for async task queueing
  • MongoDB - NoSQL Database
  • Postgresql - Relational Database
  • Django Restful - A Python Django interface for rapidly building RESTful web APIs.



Digital Humanities