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Documentation for Our Story participatory media platform
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Our Story

What is Our Story?

Our Story is an innovative approach to supporting local communities share their stories using video. Traditionally, video production has been seen as a highly skilled endeavour and was limited to those with high media literacy. Using Our Story, a group/community/organisation can collaboratively shoot, edit and publish videos.

There are two components to Our Story:

  • SERVER: This is the 'backend' that allows the administrators (e.g. organisation lead) to setup and manage the 'shoot'. The administrators can add participants, setup templates etc.
  • APP: This is the application used on mobiles/tablets by community members to contribute and publish their video stories.

Using the Our Story admin page (accessible on any web browser), you can organise and manage your shoots. Contributors can then use any Android device (mobile phone or tablet), to download the Our Story app and join your shoot.

Which edition is right for me?

Our Story and Our Story: Titan have been developed in association with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent. These variants contain features that are useful for International Development contexts.

{% tabs %} {% tab title="Our Story: Online" %} Our Story has been built for NGOs and organisations who want to use participatory video to tell community stories. This has been built for International Development contexts where limited internet connectivity needs to be taken into account.

All you need is a Web browser, head to and start a new shoot. You will get a unique code for your shoot, which you can share with your participants. The participants can then enter the code into the Our Story app on their phone or tablet. You are ready to go!

A version developed with Red Cross for monitoring and evaluation of programmes in the field. Designed for use in situations with limited (but available 3G). Reduced access to social media, social login for safety and ethical reasons, and reduced bandwidth needs. Designed to be supported by team of facilitators on the ground.

TODO: Click here for a tutorial on how to setup a shoot and invite participants to join {% endtab %}

{% tab title="Our Story: Titan" %} Our Story: Titan does everything Our Story: Online version does, except it is a fully offline solution. This is ideal for regions where there is no internet connectivity. To use this version, you will need a computer and a WiFi adaptor. You will also need to install the Titan server on this computer. Then the mobile phones/tablets will be able to connect to this computer and we can replicate the Our Story experience, totally offline.

[TODO] Instructions for installing Our Story: Titan server can be found here.

A version developed for situations where no 3G or WiFi is available, this version can be deployed by facilitators on their own computer to provide the full Our Story workflow in remote or inaccessible locations. {% endtab %} {% endtabs %}

For more information about the differences between the two versions, please check out our article: Online vs Offline editions

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