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our website :) about post about software development
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Ouracademy is an organization that promoves the education in software development throught blog posts & videos 😃.

How write a post

Sample post file

Put a frontmatter in YAML and content in post file.

title: Post title
image: # 200x200 minimun
date: 2018-11-06 # in format yyyy-mm-dd
author: your-author-id # see below
tags: [tag-1, tag-2]
description: some desc # optional, default to an excerpt of the post
Here your content (in markdown but with the power of JSX)

Note: you could copy & paste from any of the mdx files there as a guide

Guide for commit messages

We use commit lint in order to have a standard for commit messages. So if you create or update the content of a blog post, please use the docs type in your commit message, for example a commit message like docs: new "post title" is ok.

Also we use the docs type in our commit messages, to show a change history of every post (see <History/> component in posts/template.js).


npm install
npm run develop

Your site will run at http://localhost:8000!

Note: You'll also see a second link: http://localhost:8000/___graphql. This is a tool you can use to experiment with querying your data.

Some notes..🧐

We highly recommend that you install the recommended extensions if you use VS Code. It will make your development sweet 🍰


This project use Gatsby. See more of it in its awesometutorial, it has very useful resources not only to learn Gatsby but also GraphQL, React & plugins for any purpose...

If you don't know MDX, well it's just markdown & with JSX. So you could import components if you needed.


MIT License

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