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microbit-fireworks - NeoPixel fireworks animation for the BBC micro:bit

Used to create the fireworks animation in this video using two sets of 1 metre 60 NeoPixel strips (and two micro:bits).

60 NeoPixels is too much draw for the micro:bit power supply. We used 4 x 1.2v rechargeable AA batteries to power the NeoPixels separately from the micro:bit and level shifted the output from the micro:bit using a MOSFET level shifter circuit like this. We found that R2 (only) needed to be a 1M resistor (rather than a 10M one as at the link). A 10M resistor combined with the internal capacitance of the MOSFET messed up the PWM signal and massively confused the NeoPixels - which was interesting but looked nothing like fireworks...