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Session E: A History of Toronto's Networks


Toronto has a rich history of internet and wireless access projects, non-profit internet service providers, and digital literacy community advocacy. From a variety of backgrounds, our speakers will present and lead a facilitated conversation about the history of Toronto's networks:

  • infrastructure
  • computing
  • activist communication
  • digital literacy
  • community efforts

Session Objective

  • Learn about a range of histories around networks: infrastructure, computing, activist communication, digital literacy, and community efforts
  • Provide context about Toronto and previous community efforts
  • Engage broader audience conversation from these perspectives


1:20 (80mins)

45 mins 3 or 4 presentations 35 mins moderated fishbowl conversation


  • Presentation Laptop and projector adaptor


  • Front panel with chairs
  • Semi-circular seating with centre ring for fishbowl



Presenter(s) and Bio

[To be filled in]