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Building something together with local networks #12

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Building something together with local networks


The Internet as it exists today is not an ideal tool for liberation or the exploration of something new. The infrastructure is largely corporation and state owned and controlled. In this demonstration, we look at working with communities to build local networks: small pockets of exploration that have the potential to become whatever we can dream up together. We will be demonstrating the MAZI zone toolkit (meaning "together" in Greek), and the results of a pilot study by the nomadic group unMonastery and community members of the Zagori region in Greece.

Type: demos
Length: 30 minutes
Additional considerations: N/A

Session Objective

  • To have a discussion about the potential of local networks as a starting point for exploration in building something new together

  • To demonstrate the current functionality and future potential of the MAZI zone toolkit

  • To dream up new ideas together

Material and Technical Requirements

  • A monitor to present, cables to connect a laptop

  • At least 3 power outlets

I will bring 2 raspberry pis


Name: Cecylia Bocovich

Interested in attending the sprint July 16-18: Y
Interested in a community billet: N

Name: Lauren Lapidge

Interested in attending the sprint July 16-18: Y
Interested in a community billet: N

Presenter Bio

Cecylia is a graduate student at the University of Waterloo. Her research addresses broad issues in privacy and more narrowly focuses on censorship resistance in its many forms. She spends the majority of her time designing systems to circumvent state censorship.

Lauren is an artist, researcher and organiser. Her practice explores how emerging technologies interact with current social and political significance's. Currently she is researching DIY networking within unmonastery and the MAZI project.

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