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City of Experiences: The Network & The City #9

therealitycorp opened this issue Apr 30, 2018 · 0 comments

City of Experiences: The Network & The City #9

therealitycorp opened this issue Apr 30, 2018 · 0 comments


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City of Experiences: The Network & The City


We are living in a fluid existence between the virtual and physical worlds. The urban development models of the past are beginning to fall short in creating cities that support the reality of our current existence. Networks aren’t just nodes and links designated by code—they are accessed and used by real people over physical infrastructure that exists in physical space. How does the network interface with the city, and with the public? What are the individual and collective experiences and interactions that are enabled by these networks in practice?

This workshop will:

  • collaboratively develop a timeline that will illustrate what emotions, desires and experiences have shaped “the city” from past to present
  • discover patterns and relationships in the city’s history, and imagine future experiences of the city
  • consider how your project(s) contribute to these imagined future experiences, and where there might be opportunities for new network-based interventions

City of Experiences is an ongoing DoUC project with the goal of questioning how cities are constructed and who they are constructed for. The acceleration of technology creates a sense of urgency to determine how we will live in the future. What is needed now, as a society, is to be more active in creating the necessary platforms to imagine what experiences can act as a driving force for transformation. The City of Experiences is a project that, through different experiments and engagements, will continue to explore this hypothesis.

Type: workshop
Length: 2 hour
Additional considerations:

  • Best suited to 15-20 participants.
  • Might be more valuable to participants with a project in mind, but it would benefit the process to have participants from varied fields / backgrounds / levels of expertise.

Session Objective

  • What desired future experiences are supported by today’s projects & initiatives?
  • Is a network approach the most appropriate method to achieve these outcomes?
  • What other possible (network-based) projects might emerge?

Material and Technical Requirements

  • a blank wall to tape the timeline to
  • a private room or somewhere separate so the participants can talk / hear / collaborate
  • a projector or screen would be helpful to introduce the workshop (but not required)


Name: Department of Unusual Certainties

Twitter: @therealitycorp@cristoforo_DoUC

Instagram: @douc_to

GitHub: @therealitycorp

Interested in attending the sprint July 16-18: N

Interested in a community billet: N

Presenter Bio

Department of Unusual Certainties

DoUC is a Toronto-based studio who design collaborative processes for engagement, communication and education. In 2010, DoUC started as a result of a shared need to ask questions about our everyday existence. Our work is directed by exploration, information and experimentation that takes shape with a pragmatic approach to solving problems with our clients. We are dedicated to creating substantive content and experiences that people can engage with, reflect on and react to.

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