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Cryptoeconomics: towards mass behavioral engineering or a network commons? #26

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CoBox is a project to enable p2p cloud infrastructures with different trust-settings. The project emphasises privacy by design and easy data governance. The aim is to enable data commons, while protecting against the worst societal effects of dataification and data extraction.

Many of the worst effects of Web 2.0 can be traced to the business models of the corporations that dominate the Internet: add-based and financialised businesses where services are paid through people’s attention and click rate. This creates a number of devastating knock-on effects, including mass surveillance, design and development efforts aimed at creating addictive behaviours as well as information echo-chambers, phycological and emotional feedback loops. The consequences are ripping through the social fabric of societies and scorching the nervous systems of our bodies.

Instead of a drive towards incorporating all interactions and behaviours into data centres for commercial exploitation, the emphasis of CoBox is to enable easy, yet conscious data governance where only the minimal necessary data is created and stored. What might be the new forms of organisations that would emerge from such an infrastructure? And conversely, which existing forms of organisations, networks and companies might benefit from such infrastructures? And critically - through which kinds of economic arrangements might a cooperative p2p cloud sustain itself in the long term?

Type: talk
Length: 60 minutes or 30 mins
Language: english
Additional considerations: n/a

Session Objective

  • Summary of some of the legacy economic imaginaries within blockchain space
  • Continue conversation on commons alternative logics
  • Think about the supporting infrastructure for this by looking at a specific case study

Material and Technical Requirements

Projector cable for mac


Name: Jaya Klara Brekke
Twitter: @jayapapaya
GitHub: @jayapapaya

Name: Dan Hassan (he/they)
Twitter: @dan_mi_sun
GitHub: @dan-mi-sun

As organizers we strive for low-cost pathways of participation, are you interested in a community billet program either hosting out-of-towners or staying with locals?
[billet | N]

Presenter Bio

Jaya (she/her)

Dr. Jaya Klara Brekke is a critical theorist and political cryptoeconomist and one part of the CoBox project looking to enable a privacy aware p2p cloud. She recently completed a PhD titled Disassembling the Trust Machine, three cuts on the political matter of blockchain, from Durham University Geography department, where she is also currently undertaking a postdoctoral fellowship. She has worked on questions of power and (geo)politics in network infrastructures for the past ten years as a designer, writer and public speaker.

Dan (he/they)

Dan is a queer white-passing descendent of indo-guyanese indenture and founder of they are an opensource hacker with solarpunk tendencies active in autonomous co-operatives, blockchain research/development & big (enough) data analytics. currently building dark crystal, a fun decent(ralised) peer-to-peer utility for securing secrets with friends in cypherspace and an antidote for alienation and cobox. CoBox has been funded by the EU LedgerEU programme and seeks to replace the corporate cloud with a cooperative cloud utilising P2P technologies.

[If multiple presenters, please provide info and bio for all]

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