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A technical introduction to IPFS #8

hsanjuan opened this issue Jun 14, 2019 · 0 comments

A technical introduction to IPFS #8

hsanjuan opened this issue Jun 14, 2019 · 0 comments


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The Interplanetary FileSystem provides a networked, distributed filesystem to retrieve files and folders among multiple parties without a central server. It is efficient, resilient and hard to censor but, how does it work at all?

This talk will give an technical introduction for non-technical people to the main concepts behind the IPFS-stack. Participants will learn the different pieces on which a system like IPFS is built upon and how they're all glued together.

Type: talk
Length: 1 hour
Language: english
Additional considerations:

Session Objective

  • Non technical participants will get an idea of the the main components in the IPFS stack, their roles and how they work
  • Concepts like: content-addressing, peer, DHT, Merkle-DAGs, linked-data... should be clarified.

Material and Technical Requirements



Name: Hector Sanjuan
Twitter: @hecturchi
GitHub: @hsanjuan

As organizers we strive for low-cost pathways of participation, are you interested in a community billet program either hosting out-of-towners or staying with locals?

Presenter Bio

Hector Sanjuan works at Protocol Labs and leads the IPFS Cluster project, a distributed application using many parts from the libp2p and IPFS stacks.

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