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Check .ignore files from all repository within organization



A program to scan all repository within organization, that for each repository if there is ignore files, that file should contains basic ignore entries.

Using it

Create personal access token

  1. Visit
  2. Generate new token.
  3. Tick the repo section.


Copy .env.example to .env and edit it.

Run the check

docker build -t devsecops-ignore
docker run -it --rm --env-file .env devsecops-ignore --create-issue --create-pr
Command line arguments
usage: python [-h] -[v] [--create-issue] [--create-pr]
  -h              Show this help
  -v              Verbose
  --create-issue  Automatic create github issue, disable if omitted
  --create-pr     Generate autofix pull request, disable if omitted
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