Tools intended to be used in CI to ignore certain results from gocyclo
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gogocyclo reads output from and ignores results that match any rules defined in a configuration file. Intended to be used as a build step in CI (like Travis CI and CircleCI).

To install:

$ go get


Use injunction with gocyclo

$ gocyclo -over 20 $GOPATH/src/database/sql | gogocylo -config .gogocyclo.sample

-config should point to a gogocyclo configuration. It defaults to .gogocyclo if omitted. Here is a sample config for database/sql intended for the command above.

ignores = `sql`.convertAssign
ignores = `sql`.TestConversions
ignores = `sql`.TestMaxOpenConns
ignores = `sql`.(*fakeStmt).Query

See the program usage for details on the format of ignores:

$ gogocyclo -h