Skeleton for Standalone Python Reconciliation Service for Google Refine
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A skeleton for creating an OpenRefine reconciliation service via a docker container (originally based on OpenRefine/reconciliation_service_skeleton and also drawing inspiration from OpenRefine Style Reconciliation Containers

To run the container using a CSV based reconciliation file `/path/to/myfile.csv', with column name Searchval for the column to fuzzily match against and Idval as the id value:

docker run --name reconpy -p 5001:5000 -d -v /path/to:/tmp/import -e RECONFILE=myfile.csv -e SEARCHCOL=Searchval -e IDCOL=Idval psychemedia/recon-py

If you are running in boot2docker find the IP address using boot2docker ip (eg and then preview the reconciliation service endpoint at

See OpenRefine/reconciliation_service_skeleton for additional ideas about how to further use the service, including constructing your own reconciliation servie containers.