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OU TM112 Jupyter Notebook Activities

Run live interactive notebook activities here: Binder

See a non-executable, non-interactibe, static (read-only) HTML preview of the materials here:

Notebooks and resources for the Open University Course TM112 Introduction to computing and information technology 2 Block 2 Week 6 geolocation activities.

Notebooks are provided for the following activities:

  • Activity 6.16 - Cell Tower Lookup.ipynb
  • Activity 6.20 - Locating Nearby Wifi Hotspots.ipynb
  • Activity 6.22 - 6.25 Geocoding.ipynb
    • Activity 6.22 - Geocoding an address using an API
    • Activity 6.23 - Geocoding addresses and postcodes
    • Activity 6.24 - Geocoding an IP address
    • Activity 6.25 - Reverse geocoding a postcode
  • Activity 6.27 - Creating annotated interactive maps with Python
  • Activity 6.29 - Modelling uncertainty in simple trilateration.ipynb

You should be able to find the notebooks in either the notebooks folder or the work folder depending on which notebook server you are running.