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Baseboxes for MyBinder
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Baseboxes for MyBinder

If a MyBinder repo contains nbgitpuller, Binderhub / MyBinder can pass a git-pull? argument through as part of a MyBinder launch URL that allows you to pull notebooks from a second, nbgitpulled repository into a container launched from the first repo.

The branches of this repo define various "MyBinder baseboxes" built to include packages relevant to different subject areas. These boxes are prebuilt and can be used as a basis for running your own notebooks stored in regularly updated repos without having to rebuild the base box each time your notebook repo is updated.

To pull the contents of a repo into a MyBinder container built from a particular binder-base-boxes branch, use a MyBinder URL of the form:

To pull the contents from a particular branch of a repo, use a MyBinder URL of the form:

Note the escaping on the & conjunction that keeps it inside the scope of the git-pull?repo phrase.

To pull the contents from a particular branch of a repo and launch into a particular notebook, use a MyBinder URL of the form:

Read more: Feeding a MyBinder Container Built From One Github Repository With the Contents of Another.

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