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Example of a Binderised repo running neo4j
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Example of a Binderised repo running neo4j.


The neo4j server is installed into $CONDA_DIR (by default, /srv/conda), the only guaranteed writeable path outside $HOME.

Demo test code in the py/ folder.

(Since this repo also runs jupytext, if you click on the file from the notebook server tree/ page and it will open as a notebook.)

To run a container built from this repo locally:

pip install jupyter-repo2docker


The container also includes:

  • a cypher_kernel which allows queries to be entered directly into code cells and interactive network diagrams to be displayed directly from cell query results.

  • some simple IPython magic (installed from innovationOUtside/cypher_magic repo).


  • the neo4j GUI doesn't seem to work under local testing at least
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