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Example of running PostgreSQL in MyBinder / repo2docker
Jupyter Notebook Shell TSQL
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Demo of launching a binderhub notebook server with a free running Postgres server.

Postgres is installed via Anaconda; the databases is initialised into /srv/conda/pgsql (the /src/conda (and if it exists /srv/npm) path is the only writeable path outside of $HOME).

The init_db/postgres/init.db file is called to set up any required users, databases, etc, and it in turn seeds a test database as defined in init_db/postgres/seed_db.sql. The init_db directory is also copied into /srv/conda so the user can check on the initialisation set-up if required.

Example via @manics on Jupyter dscourse site [gist].

See the other branches for versions that do, albeit at the expense of using a Dockerfile.

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