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Use Jupytext dualled markdown and ipynb files
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Define a BinderHub environment that supports Jupytext dualled markdown and ipynb files.

Any .ipynb files created in a top-level notebooks directory will be dualled with a Jupytext markdown file in a top level markdown directory, and vice versa.

When run using BinderHub/repo2docker, the notebooks and markdown directories will be automatically created if they do not already exist.

Files in subdirectories will not be dualled.

You can change the directory names (for example, you could use a hidden directory) by changing the settings in the binder/postBuild config file.

If you have downloaded this repo, you can build and run it locally on the command line from the top level of the directory:

repo2docker --image-name jupytextnbmd --user-name jovyan --volume .:/home/jovyan .

If notebooks and markdown directories exist in the host directory, you can mount them as volumes against the corresponding directories inside the container:

repo2docker --image-name jupytextnbmd --user-name jovyan --volume notebooks:/home/jovyan/notebooks --volume markdown:/home/jovyan/markdown .

nbgitpuller is also installed so you can use this container as a Jupytext base container.

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