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Autobuild a Jupyter Book and deploy to Github Pages
Jupyter Notebook
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Autobuild a Jupyter Book and deploy to Github Pages using Github Actions.

With this repo:

  • generate your own repo from this template repo;
  • place source files — markdown or Jupyter .ipynb documents — in the content directory;
  • optionally, place a table of contents file, toc.yml, at the top level of the repo;
  • change the _config.yml file so that the url: and baseurl: settings point to your repo on Github pages:
baseurl: YOUR_REPO_NAME/

When you commit to the master branch of your repo:

  • if a toc.yml file is provided, it will be used to be the book, otherwise, jupyter book will generate a table of contents (TOC) file from the contents of the content folder;
  • jupyter book will use the generated TOC file ans the contents of the content directory to generate a set of Jekyll source files using settings in the _config.yml file;
  • the generated Jekyll documentation source fileswill be pushed into a jupyterbook branch of your repo;
  • Jekyll will run over the contents of the jupyterbook branch and a Jekyll documentation site built into the gh-pages branch;
  • your documentation site should then be viewable at:
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