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Ouster SDK - libraries and tools for Ouster Lidar Sensors

Cross-platform C++/Python Ouster Sensor Development Toolkit

To get started with our sensors, client, and visualizer, please see our SDK and sensor documentation: ouster-sdk/index.html

This repository contains Ouster SDK source code for connecting to and configuring ouster sensors, reading and visualizing data.

  • ouster_client contains an example C++ client for ouster sensors
  • ouster_pcap contains C++ pcap functions for ouster sensors
  • ouster_osf contains C++ OSF library to store ouster sensors data
  • ouster_viz contains a customizable point cloud visualizer
  • python contains the code for the ouster sensor python SDK (ouster-sdk Python package)


Ouster ROS driver code has been moved out to a separate GitHub repository. To get started using the driver follow the instructions provided on the repository's main page:


For support of the Ouster SDK, please use Github Issues in this repo.

For support of Ouster products outside of the SDK, please use Ouster customer support.

For suspected security problems, please contact us at


BSD 3-Clause License, details