Générateur de graphiques de consommation d'électricité Linky pour affichage sur Kindle
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What is this?

I wanted a way to display my energetic consumption on my wall, like on a weather station. I looked into different display solutions, and it turns out the nicest and easiest seems to be hacking a Kindle into displaying images refreshed periodically.

I therefore started making a graph generator that would take the data reported by my Linky electricity meter. The data is sent periodically to Enedis, which in turn offers a webpage which displays it - and makes it available through a private JSON API.


A few hours later, I had a Python script that could log into the Enedis website and download the meter's data. It can then be processed by the Python script, to generate PNG files of graphs that I will then display on the Kindle.

Example output

The script will generate the same graphs as the ones available on Enedis' website, that is to say:

  • Hourly consumption
  • Daily consumption
  • Monthly consumption
  • Yearly consumption

Here's what it looks like:

The daily consumption graph generated by the script


The scripts require a Python 3 environment with some packages, as well as a LaTeX distribution for generating the graphs. Here's a list for a Debian system:

  • python3
  • python3-numpy
  • python3-dateutil
  • python3-matplotlib
  • texlive
  • texlive-latex-extra
  • dvipng


Set up environment variables containing your Enedis email and password.

export LINKY_USERNAME="jean.dupont@gmal.com"
export LINKY_PASSWORD="passwordnaze"

Then, just start linky_plot.py to generate the graphs.

python3 linky_plot.py -o <output directory>