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$ angel do something
angel> what to do? hints:
angel> 1) check projects
angel> 2) create project
angel> 3) open project

$ angel create project
angel> what kind of project? hints:
angel> 1) web
angel> 2) mobile

$ angel create web project
angel> please specify technology? hints:
angel> 1) html5/css/js
angel> 2) nodejs+html5/css/js

$ angel create web project with nodejs+html5/css/js
$ angel deploy to staging && angel inspect staging

$ angel how are you?
angel> almost up-to-date, thanks. I see that there are new versions of some of mine components:
* angelabilities v0.0.3
* angelscripts v0.0.5
Would you like to engage update? (y/n)

The above is example command line usage.

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