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organic-emailsender v0.3.1

A simple email sender


  email: {
    transport: String, // "console.log" || "devnull" || "plasma" || <path-to-transport-init>,
    options: Object // passed to transport init
    options: { // used for `plasma` transport only
      emitAs: String
  reactOn: String,
  from: String, default email address
  to: String, default email address
  waitForDelivery: Boolean, default false, blocks reaction callback until email is delivered via `sendmail` || `smtp` || `plasma`,
  log: Boolean, default `false`

dna.reactOn chemical, default deliverEmail

  to: String, optional, default ``
  from: String, optional, default `dna.from`
  subject: String,
  html: String,
  text: String,

When passed a file path it will be used to initialize transport, the module should have the following interface

module.exports = function (options) {
  return {
    sendMail: function (email, done) {
      // deliver email.from to, email.subject, email.html, email.text
      done(err, result)

using nodemailer for transport

  1. = path/to/nodemailer-init-script.js

  2. path/to/nodemailer-init-script.js

    module.exports = function (options) { return nodemailer.createTransport(options) }