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organic-express-mongo-sessions v0.1.2

Organelle mounting connect-mongo middleware to express app chemical.


  "source": "node_modules/organic-express-mongo-sessions",
  "reactOn": "ExpressServer",
  "emitReady": "ExpressSessions",
  "cookie_secret": "secret",
  "db": "databaseName",
  "closeOn": "kill",
  "express-session": {} // optional, refer to options
  "connect-mongo": {} // optional, refer to options

reactOn property

Should be either ExpressServer chemical with expected structure or array of chemicals where the first one is mapped as ExpressServer chemical.

emitReady property

Indicates the type of the chemical to be emitted once middleware is mounted, chemical has the following structure:

  "type": "emitReadyValue",
  "data": MongoStore instance,
  "session": ExpressSession instance