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organic-express-static 0.0.1

Organelle for mounting hash of pairs (mount point / relative local path) to be served as static resources.


  "source": "plasma/organic-express-static",
  "reactOn": "ExpressServer",
  "mount": {
    "/url": "relative/path/to/cwd",
    "/url2": { "path": "relative/path/to/cwd2", ... }
  "st": {},
  "log": false

reactOn property

Should be either ExpressServer chemical with expected structure or array of chemicals where the first one is mapped as ExpressServer chemical.

mount property

A hash of "mountPoint": "local/path" pairs which will be passed as configuration to st middleware as

  "path": localPath+"/",
  "url": mountPoint+"/",
  "passthrough": true,
  "index": false,
  "cache": false

st property

st module extending default options.