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organic-expressserver v0.4.0

The organelle wraps expressjs server v3.x.x

DNA structure and defaults

  "log": false,
  "port": 1337 || Number,
  "emitReady": "ExpressServer" || String,
  "emitServer": "HttpServer" || String,
  "middleware": Array,
  "afterware": Array,
  "reactOn": String
  • reactOn : String, optional if set will wait for given chemical type(without aggregating it). If not set, will start listening once instantiated.

"middleware" and "afterware" items

      "source": "path/to/middleware/module",
      "arguments": Array
  • arguments are applied to middleware module with context of the organelle

thereafter middleware module has the following signature/interface

module.exports = function(/* arguments */) {
   var plasma = this.plasma;
   var expressApp =;
   var httpServer = this.server;
   // .... either do something with above without returning anything
   // or
   // return middleware function to be passed to express app.use
   return function(req, res, next) {
     // middleware implementation
  • Organelle loads synchroniously all middleware modules.
  • Those of them which return function will be assigned respectively as middleware function to express app.
  • Middleware items are placed before express app router and afterware items are placed after the router.
  • Note that paths to middlware modules are relative to the current working directory.
  • Note that the organelle can load general purpose express/connect middlewares as well.

Emits chemicals when

started listening

Emitted with Chemical type value of emitReady. Chemical's structure:

  "type": `emitReady`,
  "data": ExpressApp

Optionally if emitServer is defined, emits Chemical type with value of emitServer. Chemical's structure:

  "type": `emitServer`,
  "data": HttpServer

Reacts to chemicals

type: "kill"

Closes underlaying httpServer instance. The organelles doesn't aggragates the chemical and leaves it passing forward.

Example DNA configuration

  "port": 8090,
  "middleware": [
      "source": "node_modules/express/node_modules/connect/lib/middleware/cookieParser",
      "arguments": ["secret"]
      "source": "node_modules/express/node_modules/connect/lib/middleware/bodyParser",
      "arguments": []
      "source": "xware/allowCrossDomain",
      "arguments": [],
      "source": "xware/mongoSessions", 
      "arguments": [
        { "dbname": "test-webcell", "cookie_secret": "test" }