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A repository with tech companies logos made with pure CSS!
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Tech Companies Logos in CSS

A repository with tech companies logos made with pure CSS. Why? Beacuse CSS is awesome!.

How to Contribute?

  1. Star this repo.
  2. Fork this repo.
  3. Navigate to the "logos" folder, and create a new folder with your company name. The folder's name should be lowercased and without spaces (use dashed instead. For example: "outbrain", or "apps-flyer").
  4. Create both index.html and style.css files, and add a logo.png image file with the original logo. You'll work only with these files (if you use sass / scss, use only one file and commit it as well). No need to commit anything else.
  5. Edit the, and add your company to the participating companies list.
  6. Once your code is ready, commited, and pushed, create a pull request.


Please follow the guidlines below:

  • Feel free to use any CSS property you know. As long as it's in CSS, it's valid.
  • Don't use JavaScript / Images / Base64 / SVG.
  • Write readable code. That being said, try to use as less code as you can.
  • No need for backward compatability.

Participating Companies


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at

Good Luck! 🔥

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