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Dumpert, an LSASS memory dumper using direct system calls and API unhooking

Recent malware research shows that there is an increase in malware that is using direct system calls to evade user-mode API hooks used by security products. This tool demonstrates the use of direct System Calls and API unhooking and combine these techniques in a proof of concept code which can be used to create a LSASS memory dump using Cobalt Strike, while not touching disk and evading AV/EDR monitored user-mode API calls.

More info about the used techniques can be found on the following Blog:

Two versions of the code are included:

An executable and a DLL version of the code. The DLL version can be run as follows:

rundll32.exe C:\Dumpert\Outflank-Dumpert.dll,Dump

Also, an sRDI version of the code is provided, including a Cobalt Strike agressor script. This script uses shinject to inject the sRDI shellcode version of the dumpert DLL into the current process. Then it waits a few seconds for the lsass minidump to finish and finally downloads the minidump file from the victim host.

Compile instructions:

This project is written in C and assembly.
You can use Visual Studio to compile it from source.

The sRDI code can be found here:


LSASS memory dumper using direct system calls and API unhooking.



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