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Tool to create hidden registry keys.
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Just a nice persistence trick to confuse DFIR investigation. Uses NtSetValueKey native API to create a hidden (null terminated) registry key. This works by adding a null byte in front of the UNICODE_STRING key valuename.

More info about this technique can be found in the following whitepaper:

The tool uses the following registry path in which it creates the hidden run key: (HKCU if user, else HKLM)\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run"


To Create hidden registry (Run) key:

SharpHide.exe action=create keyvalue="C:\Windows\Temp\Bla.exe" 

To Create a hidden registry (Run) key with parameters:

SharpHide.exe action=create keyvalue="C:\Windows\Temp\Bla.exe" arguments="arg1 arg2"

Delete hidden registry (Run) key:

SharpHide.exe action=delete

This tool also works with Cobalt Strike's execute-assembly.


Author: Cornelis de Plaa (@Cneelis) / Outflank

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