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Reservations Application Front-end

Before running this project, you must install NodeJS on your machine.

To get started, read through these documents:

Setting up the project

  • This needs to be done if any new packages were added to the project by other members
npm install

Run the application locally

  • To change whether the app uses the backend on the EC2 server or a backend running locally, comment out the appropriate devServer->proxy->target entry in vue.config.js.
npm run serve

Deploy to the server

Whenever you push your committed code to gitlab, the project will be compiled and copied over to the EC2 server. This process should take 5 minutes or less. You can check the status in the jobs section of the gitlab repo.

Pushing your changes to gitlab

  • Note: Only push your code to gitlab if it compiles and runs. Otherwise, it will be a headache for others when they pull your incomplete changes.
git add .
git commit -m "<INSERT MESSAGE>"
git push
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