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The "Symfony WordPress Edition" distribution
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Symfony WordPress Edition

Modified Symfony Standard Edition for use with WordPress.

Includes RoutemasterBundle which provides some light glue between Symfony and WordPress and OowpBundle which provides object oriented wrappers around WP custom post types.


  • Build your front end using Symfony routes, controllers and views
  • Use WordPress's CMS interface on the back end
  • Use WP_Query in your controllers to fetch the content to display
  • Compatible with most existing WordPress plugins and Symfony bundles
  • Bridge Symfony and WordPress event systems on either front or back end


  • Download ZIP archive and run composer install (assuming Composer is installed globally).
  • Add DB details to web/wp-config.php.
  • Open the web folder in a browser and run the usual WordPress install.

See RoutemasterBundle for further usage instructions.

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