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Create GIFs from Android devices (pronounced "gif cap")


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A shell script to record GIFs from your Android devices

A picture is worth 1,000 words - and, when prototyping animations, recording visual glitches, etc, a video is worth far more. This script makes it easy to capture and share subtle app behavior by producing ready-to-paste-in-Slack GIFs with a single command.

An animated GIF showing an Android app opening
Example output


gifcap your_file_name.gif
<CTRL+C to stop recording>

Note: you'll need an actual Android device plugged in - emulators don't generally have screenrecord built in.



brew install gifcap

Note that we assume you have adb on your path. If you don't have an Android SDK, and want Homebrew to set it up for you:

brew install gifcap --with-android-sdk


Ensure adb, ffmpeg, and ffprobe are on your $PATH. Also make sure that your console window is capable of executing bash.

Copy gifcap and place it somewhere on your $PATH.

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