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A Textmate Bundle for Laravel Blade Templates
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A Textmate Bundle for PHPStorm to give Laravel Blade Templates Syntax highlighting.


The Bundle is no longer being maintained, as PHPStorm EAP now includes Blade syntax as August 2014.

This is my first stab at creating a bundle and I'm still fairly new with PHPStorm. Blade.tmbundle is based on the Laravel Blade Highlighter by Eric Percifield here.

Results may vary. Feedback is welcome and encouraged!


  • Download and unzip Blade.tmbundle. Rename Blade.tmbundle-master to Blade.tmbundle, and place the bundle in a safe place (On OS X ideally in ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles so it is also available to TextMate 2).

  • Follow the tutorial to register Blade.tmbundle in PHPStorm. TextMate bundles require the TextMate bundles support Plugin is active in Settings->Plugins. The follow warning can safely be ignored when you activate Blade.tmbundle:

    Some extensions declared in attached bundles are already used by native file types.

  • Check Settings->File Types->Files supported via TextMate bundles to ensure that only *.blade.php is listed. If it is not listed, click on the + button and add it. If you get a warning something to the effect that something will be reassigned, do it. Reassign the extension to this bundle.

    Note: I've found that *.blade.php will appear twice. If you can't get the bundle to work, add *.blade.php a second time.

  • You will also need to associate TextMate bundles to your theme in Settings->TextMate Bundles, or you may get a horribly ugly looking Blade template. Thanks to @laravelnews and kennonb for pointing this out.


  • January 24, 2014:
    • Removed HTML Bundle requirement
    • Add improved PHP highlighting
    • Bundle works with light themes now
    • Tested on PHPStorm 7.1 with OS X and Fedora 17
    • Renamed from LaravelBlade to Blade


  • Add auto complete
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