A Textmate Bundle for Laravel Blade Templates
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A Textmate Bundle for PHPStorm to give Laravel Blade Templates Syntax highlighting.


Note: This Bundle is no longer maintained. As of August 2014 PHPStorm includes Blade syntax.

This is my first stab at creating a bundle and I'm still fairly new with PHPStorm. Blade.tmbundle is based on the Laravel Blade Highlighter by Eric Percifield here.

Results may vary. Feedback is welcome and encouraged!


  • Download and unzip Blade.tmbundle. Rename Blade.tmbundle-master to Blade.tmbundle, and place the bundle in a safe place (On OS X ideally in ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles so it is also available to TextMate 2).

  • Follow the tutorial to register Blade.tmbundle in PHPStorm. TextMate bundles require the TextMate bundles support Plugin is active in Settings->Plugins. The follow warning can safely be ignored when you activate Blade.tmbundle:

    Some extensions declared in attached bundles are already used by native file types.

  • Check Settings->File Types->Files supported via TextMate bundles to ensure that only *.blade.php is listed. If it is not listed, click on the + button and add it. If you get a warning something to the effect that something will be reassigned, do it. Reassign the extension to this bundle.

    Note: I've found that *.blade.php will appear twice. If you can't get the bundle to work, add *.blade.php a second time.

  • You will also need to associate TextMate bundles to your theme in Settings->TextMate Bundles, or you may get a horribly ugly looking Blade template. Thanks to @laravelnews and kennonb for pointing this out.


  • January 24, 2014:
    • Removed HTML Bundle requirement
    • Add improved PHP highlighting
    • Bundle works with light themes now
    • Tested on PHPStorm 7.1 with OS X and Fedora 17
    • Renamed from LaravelBlade to Blade


  • Add auto complete