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duke FTP is a FTP client with custom features. It can be used for automatic, rule-based transferring of directories.

duke is still in early development state. Make sure to read the changelog of newer versions when upgrading. Please report all crashes of the latest version.

Issue / Task tracker

Tasks in progress


We accept Bitcoin donations to support the development of the project: 1NGUfE7zzpQo8BW4Yj3LFvWQ1Hu1PWJquK


  • FTP client with FTPS support
  • FXP support for direct transfer between FTP servers
  • Cross-platform: Windows XP+, Mac OS X 10.8+, Linux 2.6.23+
  • Multi CPU architecture: x86, x64, ARM6/7/8 (Raspberry Pi 1/2/3)
  • Static compiled binary, needs no extra installation of libraries
  • Socks5 proxy support for FTP, IRC and Web access
  • Database client for PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • IRC client with blowfish encryption support
  • Administration by IRC commands
  • TOML based configuration files that can be edited manually



You can see the remaining tasks for the milestones of the project:

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