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NumerousApp API library in Ruby
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Ruby NumerousApp API

A ruby class implementing the NumerousApp APIs.

Development Status

Packaged as a gem under the name "numerousapp" on

The source here on github is the current/newest; what you get on rubygems (gem install) is the stable "released" version and so tends to lag behind the github code. Choose accordingly.

New in 1.2.7

  • onlyIf in write() can be 'IGNORE' to do the "only if changed" and ignore any conflict error from the server.

New in 1.2.6

  • event() method now supports 'at' API (lookup via timestamps)

Documentation Wiki

Primary documentation is here on github: wiki.

Getting started

Example code:

require 'numerousapp'    # if you installed it as the numerousapp gem
                         # if you hand-installed this file then 'numerous'

myApiKey = 'nmrs_28Cblahblah'
myMetric = '5476250826738809221'

nr =
m = nr.metric(myMetric)


# can also access fields this way:
puts(m['label']) { |v| puts "Event: /#{v}/\n" } { |v| puts "Stream: /#{v}/\n" }
m.interactions { |v| puts "Interactions: /#{v}/\n" }
m.subscriptions { |v| puts "Subscriptions: /#{v}/\n" }

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