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Regenerated gemspec for version 0.10.5

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1 parent 898f72b commit 65aa5bde9f4c11fc87abe56b2e55e17bb9ef0938 Mat Brown committed Oct 22, 2009
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  1. +2 −2 sunspot.gemspec
4 sunspot.gemspec
@@ -5,11 +5,11 @@ do |s| = %q{sunspot}
- s.version = "0.10.4"
+ s.version = "0.10.5"
s.required_rubygems_version =">= 0") if s.respond_to? :required_rubygems_version=
s.authors = ["Mat Brown", "Peer Allan", "Dmitriy Dzema", "Benjamin Krause", "Marcel de Graaf", "Brandon Keepers", "Peter Berkenbosch", "Brian Atkinson", "Tom Coleman"]
- = %q{2009-10-20}
+ = %q{2009-10-22}
s.description = %q{Sunspot is a library providing a powerful, all-ruby API for the Solr search engine. Sunspot manages the configuration of persistent Ruby classes for search and indexing and exposes Solr's most powerful features through a collection of DSLs. Complex search operations can be performed without hand-writing any boolean queries or building Solr parameters by hand.
} = %q{}

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