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This is an .emacs.d directory that mostly uses emacs-starter-kit packages for an initial reasonable starting point with some tweaks on top of that. This repository is designed to use, but it does not require, homeshick.


Editor configurations can be a fairly personal thing. Changing setting globally can be at a surprising and disruptive.

It is recommended that you test out new changes in a system specific configuration and after vetting open a pull request if it seems like something useful to add to the global configuration.



You can build the very latest version of emacs from source with Homebrew as follows:

brew uninstall emacs

If you have a previous installation of emacs (from Homebrew) you may also need to blow away a cached version of the source:

rm /Library/Caches/Homebrew/emacs-*.tar.gz


brew install emacs --cocoa --HEAD
brew linkapps


Using homeshick

git clone ~/.homeshick/repos/emacs.d
homeshick link emacs.d

Without homeshick

git clone ~/emacs.d
ln -s ~/emacs.d/home/.emacs.d ~/.emacs.d

Interesting bits

This project loads system specific emacs lisp files both at the beginning and end of evaluation init.el. This allows a user to override or set up their own custom configuration independently of the main configuration. The files that are loaded are based off the system-name nad user-login-name. Look at the function load-system-specific-configs in the init.el for details

A function install-package is made available early while loading init.el. If you wanted to install the package align-cljlet then in one of the user override files you would specify (install-package 'algin-cljlet).

Has some additional functionality added for working in Clojure. Some of them include improving paredit usage in the repl, adding clj-refactor, using company for auto-completion, and some other smaller tweaks.

It also will load user/system specific configuration files if found. This allows you to add additional functionality depending on what machine you are working on.

Defaults to using Inconsolata as the font. If you don't have this installed you'll probably see whatever terrible default font is used.

Useful re-mappings to know about:

  • C-w remapped to backward-kill-word
  • C-x C-k and C-c C-k remapped to kill-region
  • C-x C-m and C-c C-m remapped to smex (same as M-x in this setup)

Useful added functions:

  • scratch-buffer - Opens up temporary buffer
  • revert-all-buffers - Refreshes all open buffers
  • rename-file-and-buffer - Renames current buffer and file

Color Theme

The default color theme is zenburn. If you want to use something else then the recommended way of doing so is to (setq user-specific-color-theme 'sanityinc-tomorrow-eighties) 'sanity-inc-tomorrow-eighties is whatever color theme you want. This should be done in your user/username.el file.